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  1. thank you!
  2. Hey thanks for the offer with the venus breeze coupons! Sarah off the chatham-kent coupons group actually had one & traded me so I'm all set, but let me know if you see anything on my list I have up for trade that you'd like!
  3. i just updated mt wishlist, but feel free to make me an offer ( : to let you know i just read the walmart flyer & the venus breeze razors are on sale this week 7.97 i think
  4. Yes I'd love you breeze coupons! I can put them to use for my buddy & I figured maybe some early xmas shopping possibly! Let me know what your looking for!! I'll check your wishlist out as well & see what I have
  5. Hi spunky I was just noticing your post for venus breeze, I've got 2 coupons for $4 off if you want them. Cute Puppies by the way!
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