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  1. Happy New Year!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Yeah, it's certainly a great way to use them. In the past, for FPCs where I'd have to pay the taxes I'd usually wait for RCSS no tax event or use them at SDM where there's no taxes on FPCs... but for most food items where there's no taxes (so no benefit via RCSS/SDM) the better savings would be to earn bonus points on them, which is what you did.

    I learnt something today, best to save them for bonus points at Sobey's.

  4. I think, because a FPC is equal to a free product, regardless of the store price on that product, the only way to get any additional benefit from the FPC is to earn bonus points. With this week's Sobeys bonus points on the Stouffers, you get the FREE Stouffers with your FPC plus extra points for free groceries. I walked out of Sobeys feeling like I had been paid to take the Stouffers products home!
  5. Thanks very much for the rep!
  6. Happy New Year! All the best in 2010!
  7. Thanks for the rep!
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