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  1. Heads up, this train has had a great bunch of gals on it, and the train is heading your way now!!!
  2. ya shaman did the video. Okay the train is on it's way to patina then yep your the last stop. Tjeni mailed it off yesterday, wow does she have a ways to go to a P.O. that has a scale. Anyways probably get it by late next week, and I guess it's really heavy, like $3 to send so get what you want and need out of it.
  3. I did find that, from watching a youtube video posted on one of your threads, I think! It has made it a lot easier using that than scrolling down the other page. I've just tried to keep deleting the threads I posted on that aren't a train. Hopefully I won't regret that....
  4. okay on the left if you hit user cp and hit subscribed threads it will bring up the threads you have posted on. But if your like me, not a great idea. I have 69 pages of threads to look at, eekks!
  5. I know there is an easier way of keeping track of threads you posted in, gotta figure it out again and will let ya know.
  6. Yeah, mostly. I still struggle with keeping track of threads of the trains I've joined, but I'm getting a bit better at it. Have been loving using my coupons though! Just did a big shop at LD yesterday, so much fun. And in terms of housework? You sound like you live by my will still be there tomorrow!
  7. I still have all that to do, but saying, heck with it, all get it done in the morning. Finding your way around here okay?
  8. exactly!! mine are finally in bed, but dishes, lunches, laundry await.....ugh! At least I get a few minutes here!
  9. I know what ya mean about busy, gosh all I seem to do is rush anymore, unless everyone is asleep and I stay up to find out what's new on here.
  10. How are you?? I've been crazy back at school (yeah!) but waiting for that train!! I think I'm coming up soon. Can't wait!
  11. dropping in and saying hello
  12. Hi ya, I have 2 train out right now, and a third one on the go, but the next train I get started, you are welcome to board. And thank you for the friendship request, have a great weekend, Moe.
  13. Hi again! I noticed that you have a coupon train going! Any way you could let me know next time you start one? I don't have a trade rating yet, but I want to get one!! And get on board! Talk to you later!
  14. Ya, just wanted to say hello, see your finding your way around, that's great. If you need anything, give me a shout, and welcome to SC.
  15. Hey! Saw you looked at my page?/profile?. Just wanted to say hello.
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