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  1. Awww-nice of you to relate me with Maui! We are actually headed to Oahu in a couple of weeks, cant wait!
  2. better this week, thanks for asking. LOVED your Dr. Stevil pic, made me smile pretty wide!
  3. Thanks Steve
  4. Hi there! Thanks for the rep-I am indeed a busy person still. I hope you and yours are good!
  5. Oh Steve, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
  6. Hi Steve-Breanna is headed to U of T St George but she is living on campus and has already warned us she isnt planning to come home till October! how are things for you? Has the summer been good to you?
  7. Everything is great-just a super busy person these days! Thanks for asking, you are so sweet!
  8. Loveyour new car! Beautiful color too...
  9. awww-thanks for the sweet rep!
  10. Glad to hear you got your plumbing issues taken care of!
  11. Hey there-did you get my message on Facebook? No pressure but if you are interested the deadline is tomorrow...
  12. Thanks for the rep-hope your week is good too!
  13. Thanks for the sweet rep! Happy New Year to you, Gini and Baxter!
  14. Thanks for the birthday Aloha!
  15. Steve- Breanna was in a car accident earlier tonight, not as the driver-hubby is just bringing her back from the hospital-she is fine but she is totally freaking out emotionally. Do you have any suggestions frrom a driving instructior point of view?
  16. Hi there! I dont seem to be able to rep anyone anymore, not sure what is up with that but all is good for me-busy but good. How are things in your neck of the woods eastender?
  17. Hi Steve-my thoughts go to you and Gini right now and I wish you both courage and strength to deal with all that is happening with your MIL.
  18. I must first go with my roots and cheer England; but I'm impressed with both Netherlands and Germany so far
  19. I am liking Germany-how bout you?
  20. Hi there! "Smoking shoot" turned into "just quit shoot" so it all went well, thanks for asking. i hope all is well with you and yours...
  21. Lessons are going great, it has given her much needed confidence. We were just discussing this morning if we should buy a 3rd car! Thanks for asking...
  22. Hope your birthday is filled with love and laughter!
  23. AHHHH(that is me yelling) I really want to watch True Detective!!! I really hope it comes to DVD sometime soon. My understanding is that they will replace the cast each season. I am not one to watch a lot of the boob tube but this is one I gotta see.
  24. I can only imagine what it must be like - courage!
    Think of it as an acting role; but hope its only a mini-series!
  25. Dont get me wrong-I love my mom and she is a wonderful person but we have lived apart too long and she is already rearanging my kitchen!!! Can I run away to your place?
  26. Thanks for the birthday wishes! You da best!
  27. That is terrible about your backup mess-sorry you have to go through this! Thinking of you guys and I hope you get it all taken care of soon!
  28. Big congrats to you SIL! I havent been around the forum much, busy w/kids but I just wanted to extend my congratulations!
  29. You are too sweet!
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