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  1. Thanks for the get well wishes
  2. ​Happy Christmas to you and your team H
  3. Thanx Jester, like I haven't heard that one before. LOL
    Hope you have a great Tuesday. Nice pic of your daughter in Paris. Hope she enjoys it.
  4. Lots of pterodactyl skeeter bites, but that's it. lots of people going thru, sometime more than once, but no cigar yet.
  5. Great work today for a great cause
  6. Thanx Jester. i know she's getting on, but she's still my baby.
  7. Congratz on your new pink heart H team
  8. thanx Jester, glad you liked them. i thank Q for giving me the opportunity to see a lot of concerts with my SC friends.
  9. an English Christmas Tea is where they serve tuna, cucumber & cream chesse sandwiches as well as scones with raspberry jam for lunch, some English pastries for dessert & your choice of tea, coffee or specialty teas. there's penny raffles & different venders & bake sale, all raising money for the church.
  10. thanx Jester. it was great to finally meet KT. one of these days, we will finally meet too.
    if you can't tell, i'm a long time Q listener, since 1977. those were the days of crazy DJ antics, beat the bologna, guess my shoe size, under the covers, etc. it's amazing the useless stuff i still remember. LOL
  11. thanx Jester. just trying to finish off the things that had be started before hand. it's finally coming around & rooms are getting done.
  12. that's why i was so surprised. the drivers are suppose to do daily circle checks & since i live quite a distance from work, the van is in for it's regular oil changes every 4 to 5 weeks. guess i'm going to have to do daily circle checks to make sure myself, instead of relying on others.
  13. thanx Jester. i get it erasers with a whisk to brush the bits away.
  14. thanx, nobody said i could count. LOL.
  15. Mmmme is doing well. she went down to Montreal this weekend to help her mom move from the hospital to an assisted living facility. she should be back sometime today to go back to work for tomorrow. she had a great trip thru Alaska & it helped her to come back refreshed & rejuvenated from her mom's earlier ordeal.
  16. thanx, i was a good 30 ft from the stage. love the zoom on my camera. the security guys didn't like me standing on a chair to get above a bunch of tall people in front of me.
  17. of course not. i like streetheart's version of under my thumb, better than the stones.
  18. i thought it was cute. LOL
  19. absolutely, sunny warm weather, sandy beaches & warm waters. aaahhhhhh, i wish.
  20. silly people ruining perfectly good cars. hope they were insured
  21. you're so right. what use to take hours of wrapping is down minutes. love it.
  22. thanx, she always does.
    happy wet hump day
  23. Have fun and take care of each other.
  24. thanx so much for the birthday wishes.
  25. hope you're having an incredibly good b/day H team. Wishing you all you wish yourself.
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