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  1. Happy Thanksgiving To You Too!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. I cannot wait for the PLL Halloween Episode, can you??? The bad part is, season 3 starts in January 2012!!!
  4. Yeah I like Aria. But I think Emily is the most innocent Pretty Little Liar LOL!
  5. Hmm, well I cannot really decide. I love all of them, maybe Aria?
  6. Hehe! I'm sure you'll love it (; Who's your fave character?
  7. PLL is by far one of the BEST SHOWS EVER. I love, it. I actually just started reading the series today! <3
  8. Zomg I love Pretty Little Liars! I watched the first few episodes but have read ALL The books! Lol! You should totally watch Grey's Anatomy and America's next Top Model...BEST SHOWS EVER!
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