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  1. hi-yes she has up and down days my daughter -thanks for the comment -but its true no matter what age our kids are we never stop worrying about them -yes its exciting to be a nana again -have an awesome day
  2. Thanks for the rep this morning. I hope your daughter is doing ok, we never stop worrying about them do we. Congratulations on the new little one coming!
  3. Thanks for the rep and enjoy your me day on Thursday!!
  4. Thanks for the renovating rep!! Hope your having a great weekend!
  5. So glad you got to save a bit with the coupons!! You are such a good shopper!!
  6. hi- used the coupon buy 3 get 1 free and the 2 other coupons thank you again -I saved 12.99 off my grocery bill thanks to you -very much appreciated my friend
  7. So glad you got your envie! I am so glad you can use them!!
  8. hi received the envie today thank thank you so much I will trades a few and try to use a lot -hoping the hams go on sale before june as I would like to stock up on those -and luncheon meat turkey one is awesome-have an awesome week
  9. thank you again for the lovely offer(coupon girl)
  10. Thanks for the Birthday rep for our kids!!
  11. thanks for the rep, hope you are feeling better and your brother turns a corner.
  12. Thanks for the rep!!Enjoy your day!!
  13. Haven't been on in quite a few days!!Thanks for the rep last week, hope you are on the mend with your bladder infection.
  14. Thanks for the rep, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday!
  15. thanks for the rep -no fever just a cough today -I will take that -have a great day
  16. Thanks for the rep, feel better soon!
  17. Thanks for the rep, crossing my fingers the dentist can help in the morning.
  18. your welcome enjoy your daughter's birthday -I will enjoy my son's on sat night
  19. I noticed that your son turned 30 today, my how the time has flown by.Enjoy the weekend and thank you so much for the rep!
  20. thanks for the rep, it is still a great deal with the check out 51. I was surprised to get a P&G insert a few weeks ago, first one in my flyers in months!!
  21. Thanks for the rep..55 isn't so bad!! have a wonderful day!!
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