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  1. My condolences on the passing of your step father, sending you strength and prayers during this difficult time
  2. Thanks for the rep - enjoy your weekend!
  3. Thanks for the reps and have yourself a great long weekend
  4. woot! thanks for the rep Hope all is well with you

  5. I know...the life of a couponer haha
    Have a great weekend!
  6. I'm well....just trying to get some work done on this beautiful day
    What's new with you?? Any good deals in your neck of the woods?
  7. I can describe my Monday in one word : wet!
    I wanted to do some shopping today, but I think I will hold off haha
    Thanks for the rep, and I hope you have a great day too
  8. Bonjour ticul! All is well, the family is visiting me this weekend....which means today is cleanup day haha
    Thank you for the well wishes Have a great Easter with your family as well !!
  9. Hi D.ot! How are you? I wish you a very nice long weekend and Happy Easter with you and your family................
  10. I'm doing well....especially now that I have a cupboard full of beans
    I'll be trying out the brownie recipe another SCer posted. I have a friend coming over - they will be my guinea pig lol
  11. aww thanks ticul
  12. Same to you! I just realized we're going into February...which means a few Winterlude type festivals, sugar shacking and it'll be spring/summer!!!!
  13. I'm running around like a chicken without a head as I try to get things done before Christmas Your message came in at a great time - wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!!
  14. Thanks! Definitely a deal I had to post in case other Loblaws (or Loblaws affiliated stores) were clearing out their detergents. Not sure why they were pulling those detergents off the shelves - but it worked out quite nicely with the coupon! I'm not shopping much these days - saving up money since I am currently not working. Living off of whatever is in the pantry and PM-ing cheap produce mostly. Hopefully will find a job sooner than later
  15. Hey! I'm trying to get over a cold. It's been nearly a week now
    Hoping to be on the mend soon. Have you started using PC points?
  16. Thank you ticul! I have errands to run today...hopefully will make it back in one piece!
  17. Thanks ticul! I'm humping along lol
  18. Hey hey! Thanks After the long weekend, I am not longer sure what day it is! Thanks for the reminder
  19. Thanks for the rep - enjoy your long weekend
  20. Thanks for the rep! Hope you find some beautiful clearance plants. I get squirrels that like to come and play in my pots, so I cant have anything too pretty or delicate lol
  21. Merci Enjoy your weekend as well !
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