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  1. They are absolutely gorgeous and such a pretty picture . My youngest was almost completely bald until almost three too. I knew you had girls like me, I guess I just had a blonde moment!!! Lol
  2. actually my two girls it's ok.. the little one just recently (2 and 1/2) started to grow actual hair lol Everyone thought she was a boy when little
  3. Hey just saw your message. Voted for your pic. What a gorgeous shot. Is that you and your son??? Good luck on the contest :0)
  4. You're very welcome I'm glad you all liked your small gifts! Enjoy and Happy Valentine It was the least I can do
  5. HI Rossi, just got your envie in the mail.....How sweet and thoughtful of you!!! My girls just love the stickers and Valentines and I love the coupons! I truly appreciate you thinking of us....I totally scored in the whole adoption process getting you!!!! (((((hugs))))
  6. i'm really becoming very intimidated to stack! I don't like the look on people's face cashiers or other customers I haven't been to LD in 1 week.. and I just want to cry Well.. I didn't get the redplum, and the only thing that's kinda interesting is the Cascade BOGO.. I'm waiting on a trade with those
  7. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my album . Are you going stacking with the new flyer??? I got my stacks all ready!!
  8. Nope not intimidated by carsalesman. Actually I think I intimidated them .
  9. Thanks, tinks I really prefer emailing.. but I haven't done either ) Must start though..
  10. Hey! Saw your post about j &j coupons and realized I hadn't told u about those super fabulous coupons. You can phone them once per month and ask for 2 coupons. They are super mice and they are awesome for stacking. Details here.
  11. Nope I hate snow!!! I lived in Calgary and interior BC for most of my life so I'm sick of it!! Much prefer rain . Also I don't do SDM so have no idea bout that....
  12. Hey, I like snow lol- re:your status It just started snowing here.. but I think it won't stick for long, it's warm..
    Hey, so are familiar with the SDM tricks of trade? I might need a lesson on that too Whenever you have time
  13. I'm so confused with so many coupons that I have now !! But here's my plan- I circle the items on the flyer and their coupon book with items that I want AND have coupons for them and I have to do it today! Funny thing is- I only have time to do this at work LOL , so I'll let you know later
  14. Did u see electrosol is on sale in the new LD flyer. So u can use your coupons and don't even need to pricematch. U should get it almost free
  15. The mail is sooooooo slow right now Hopefully u will get a mailbox full soon
  16. nope, I didn't , but I got few from yeyy.. And I haven't gotten your mail yet either, but probably soon Maybe even it's waiting for me at home
    I LOVE snow!! too bad it's just a little bit here in the Lower Mainland ..
  17. Hey,, no problem . Did u get your coupons yet?? We got a foot and a half of snow last night so no mail today . I hate when that happens!
  18. Thanks for adding me friend
  19. It's really refreshing to see how nice people are in this forum, and that there was this "adopting" process I keep checking my mail every day LOL (versus once a week before SC)Thanks tinker
  20. Envie is in the mail. Hope u get it soon. It's always nice to get a mailbox full of goodies. Feels like Christmas
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