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  1. Hahaha- we are so.. frugal? Yes, frugal sounds a lot better than cheap lol. I'm sure it's delicious- and in the long run, it's still cheaper than tim Hortons
    I find if I cram enough marshmallows in any hot chocolate it is delicious- but I wouldnt dare to the hershey's kind. Wow- can you tell I am PMS'ing and in a chocolate mood? Why don't they make coupons for chocolate bars? HJmm- i'm going to call Jersey Milk tomorrow! lol
  2. Haha! I only got the Hershey's cause me & the bf went to Niagara Falls and he said we HAVE to buy SOMETHING. $6.99 for the cocoa! lol I think he was trying to kill me! It makes killer hot chocolate though
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