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  1. Hi Tjeni, it's my daughter and Yes Please. She's new to stamp collecting, and I thought what better way than to mention it in my wishlist items. I would be happy to send you stamps to cover the postage, and maybe a couple suprises as well.
  2. Moe ...can your son use (used stamps) from Canada....probably have a couple of hundred of
    different ones (probably a few in there from other countries). Let me know.
  3. HI, just a note, not every conductor cares you replace with the exact value of a coupon, cause it would be hard if you get a $8 off to find a different $8 off. Just some like it one way, and others are more laid back, like me who it is okay to mix and match. So you were doing the right thing if it was not mentioned. Just to let ya know you did a great job.
  4. Welcome to SC, if you need any help, give a shout, Moe.
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