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  1. not bad and you? Things have been crazy as normal. I get to sneak on here once in awhile, but usually don't log in. Thought I'd log in today and be social lol!!! Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!!!
  2. Hi Tracy, thanks for the congrats and the rep. How have things been going?
  3. Hey Moe! Nice to hear from you. Things have been insane since getting back to work. The boys are growing so fast and keeping me busy all the time. How's it been with you? I can't believe Halloween is almost here can definitely feel it in the air this morning....brrrrr
  4. Hey there stranger, popping in to say Hi and miss ya.
  5. Hey there buddy, hope your doing fine and enjoying the spring. Hope to chat soon, Moe.
  6. Things are definitely busy! Trying to keep up with the boys, the blog and still sneaking in some time for me! March break just got over....thanks god :O) Too crazy!! How about you? Are you getting any great weather? It was like 15 here on Saturday....oh, spring is soooooo close! Any contest wins? I only won a subscription to a magazine....but that's fantastic! I love taking a few minutes to read magazines that I'm too cheap to actually buy :O) Take care and catch you later!
  7. HI ya Tracy, thanks for the good luck rep. How's things been going? See your keeping yourself busy.
  8. Morning Tracy, thank you for the rep boost, and hosting the great blog contest.
  9. Hey Moe! I thought I might see you this morning. I've been stopping in on and off through the day... Of course in between feeding, changing diapers, potty training and all kinds of other stuff. I'm actually starting to getting back to connecting with people again! Yay for me!! Stop by my blog and say hi if you like...another one of my projects! Take care and talk to you soon Moe :O)
  10. HI ya, I am so happy to see ya around and about again, missed ya while you were busy with the little one.
  11. good, good! How about you? I sneak on here on and off through the day when I can. I miss the no talking to adults all day :O) I bet we'll meet up soon!
  12. HI ya Tracy, thanks for the rep and the lucky wishes. How's things going? Have really missed our chats. Hope all is well, Moe.
  13. Morning Tracy, what a nice surprise. How r things going? All well here, hope to run into you soon for a gabfest.
  14. Morning Moe :O) How's it going? I actually had a few minutes and thought I would drop by and say hi! Hope all is going well. NIce to see spring in the air here for the past few days. Keep smiling!
  15. Hey there buddy, hope your Christmas went well, and everyone is healthy and happy. Take care my friend, Moe.
  16. HI ya buddy, hope all is well and your getting enough sleep, ya right. Give me a shout, miss r gabbing sessions, Moe.
  17. Hi Tracyo, how are you and the little one doing?
  18. Morning Moe :O)
  19. HI Tracyo, nice to see ya, sorry I missed you. How's things been going? How's the little one doing?
  20. Hey Moe :O) Just dropping by to say HI :O)
  21. Yep, your 10 year old and my 5 sound identical. Nice gabbing with you again, hopefully catch on here tomorrow, take care of yourself and the newest addition, Moe.
  22. Oh my 10 year old can't stop talking. I betcha I can recite every story he tells word for word. I asked him why he talks so much and he told me it was because he has so much interesting stuff to say. hahahaha Anyway you take care and catch you around later :O) Hope you have a nice sunny day Moe!
  23. your oldest and my oldest should gab with one another then, she loves to talk, and it's weird, she talks like a 14 year old, not a 5 year old.
  24. Great minds think alike! I can't wait for my oldest to get back to school. He is a non stop yaking chatter box. yikes!
  25. that's too funny, we had the same questions and answers at the same time, lol. Glad to hear the little guy is sleeping so well. Mine never did either, they still don't.
  26. darn, it didn't work right, anyways just everyone saying congrats to you. The kids getting anxious about school yet? My oldest isn't sure if she wants to go back, guess she's having too much fun this summer doing nothing, lol.
  27. Baby is now 2 months and I don't want to jinx anything, but he is sleeping quite well.....much better than my other 2 did anyway. I can actually catch about 4 hours sleep in a row! How's your girls? Are they ready to go back to school? My oldest is bored and just itching to go back now!
  28. Glad to see ya back, missed gabbing with you. Here's a link for you to read been busy here, with work and kids and all, but life is normal.
  29. Good Morning, how is everything going? I imagine your very busy, remember those days, and don't miss them. Hope all is well and the family is in great health. If you ever get a chance, stop by to gab. Take care, Moe.
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