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  1. Thanks for the double reps last night!!! Have a great day!!
  2. LOL, that's why I crashed and burned last night (friday night). Passed out on the couch around midnight. Hope you have an awesome weekend as well and enjoy the lion king and dinner tonight. I am in and out today doing errands! At least the sun is shining and the temps a bit warmer!
  3. Thanks for the double reps!! Hope you have a fantastic week-end!! GET SOME REST!!! Stop staying up all night!! You're going to wear yourself silly....
  4. Yes.... I think some people say they're in jail when they're told to spread it around, but they can actually keep going until they say "you have given out too many reps in the last 24 hours" (or something like that)...

    Hope you have a great day!! Stay dry!!
  5. thanks for the rep back. I felt so bad that I got that notice. I wasn't finished repping. So is that what that means when people say they are in "rep jail"??? They repped their quota! Anyhow, thanks for all, have a great night! Oh yes, and enjoy your hot tub!!!
  6. Thanks so much for the rep!! I just got you back!!
  7. I think you're doing just fine....
  8. You're welcome anytime
  9. Perfect, yes that helps loads. Couldn't understand why I haven't been able to rep again and again. Okay. On my way out the door, so I will follow your advice when I get home! Thanks as always!
  10. When it says you need to spread it around, it usually means that you can still rep, but I believe you need to rep 20 people before you can rep the same person again. You can rep 50 (or so) times within 24 hours. What I do is start repping from the current post and work my way back. If it says spread it around, I go to the next person and so on. It will say you have reached the maximum within 24 hours once you reach your 50 or so reps. I can ususally rep most people twice in a "round" and sometimes 3 depending on when they posted and when I started repping them... 3 in a "round" doesn't happen very often....

    I hope that helps... Let me know if you have more questions!!
  11. Yes, I was wondering about a 4:20 a.m. as well. I tried to stay awake, but passed out around 3:00 a.m.
  12. Hey Lee Ann, thanks for the help and support. Yes, Rockit sent me the link, and have studied it a couple of times. I will get there, I really am computer slow, lol. I tried to give people reps just now for this morn's w.w. but it said I had to spread it around. Is it a 24 hours span! Sorry to be such a pain. Happy Saturday, enjoy the sun, gym & chocolate, Off on errands as well, once I wake up & function! Hope the sun keeps shining. Have a good one!
  13. I just notice that Rockit gave you the link.... that's the one that I was talking about.... Have a read through and let me know if you have any questions... looks like you're doing just fine here!!!
  14. Yippee!!! You did it!! Thanks so much for the rep!!

    I asked Feetfrown to post the "help" link again, so hopefully that should help you a little too... Hope you're having a great week-end!!
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