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  1. LOL, my pleasure, it be easier if I didn't have to spread it around first before I get back to you!
  2. Thanks for the rep travels.
    I few more like that and I
    may get off the "DO NOT FLY" list.
  3. LMAO, my pleasure. I try to follow instructions, this site is simply too complicated to for my brain cells! Off to look for you to save your rep!!!
  4. Please place me at the top of your reppin' list.
    My reputation needs as much help as possible.
    It has been besmirched through no fault of my own.
    Well, hardly any of it was my fault.
    O.k. , o.k. most of it was my fault.
    I'm easily led, I fell in with the wrong crowd...ect...ect.
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