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  1. Good job! Wanted to rep, but couldn't, over my quota!
  2. thnx weekend was good!!!
  3. Thanks for the reps and your posts. Hope you had a great long weekend!
  4. Thanks, you have a good night as well. Btw, I did add you as a friend, but it says pending still! Hmmm.
  5. Have a great night
  6. Thanks, I will have to print this out and read it and reread it a few times. LOL, appreciate it!
  7. Okay, cool thank you so much for the explanation. I will look for the leaf like icon and I appreciate the help. I can't tell you how confused I am, lmao. Thanks for the help, I do appreciate it! I usually figure things out after some time, but eventually I get there!
  8. Repz are just ways of thanking the poster. Its the leaf like icon in the middle of the three icons in the left hand corner of a post. Just click on it and a dialogue box comes up to leave a little message. If you ask feetfrown he will post a link that explains it in better detail.
  9. I have lots to learn on this site, not sure what repz is, sorry!
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