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  1. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  2. hey!
    was that you on the cash grab this afternoon?
  3. hey tnsf!
    nice to hear from you and that you're ok. we miss your witty repartee on the q thread!
  4. All's well... just haven't been spending as much time on SC lately.
  5. hope you're ok
  6. hello?
  7. Yeah, I've been lazing about. Gave up on collecting Club Q points for a while, just became too much effort to catch up on when I got home at night.

    Jen and I ended things as a couple. I was bummed, angry, upset, depressed... all the fun stuff, for about a week. We're still good friends, and I'm not about to sit around. I've already put myself "out there", went on an "unofficial" date with a "friend". Tonight is the first "real" date with someone new since Jen and I officially decided to pursue a relationship.
  8. hey truenorth!
    hope you're well. haven't seen you around lately
  9. happy new year!

    health and peace to you and yours!

  10. have a great long w/e!

  11. happy st patrick's day! hope you find your pot of gold!
  12. I meant to say
    "happy new year"

    hope that 2010 is the best year ever for you!
  13. happy thanksgiving!
  14. hmmm looks like i missed some excitement this morning. missed smokey's posts.
  15. I did have a glance over the memberlist there, nothing really tickled my fancy, lol.
  16. glad you like it!

    have a look at the c o o l c a n u c k s site too. a little racier than this one. not to my taste, but hey! " à chacun son goût "
  17. Yeah, I prefer it here. I may rarely get to post a code here, but I certainly don't feel stifled when it comes to being chatty like on the other site.
  18. the q thread is a friendly, chatty one here
    pretty quiet on the other side!
  19. It'd be a lot more entertaining if I had a radio at my desk, lol. There's only one woman in the entire office with a radio, and she's been in the office longer than most of the furniture, lol!
  20. hey truenorth!
    so how was your first day as an official sc'er?
    hope you're enjoying it!
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