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  1. You will learn portion control. I know its difficult. I eat too much of the wrong thing, yet with salads or good stuff I am suddeny "full" haha. Take care.
  2. I'm def going slow now lol.. only lost 1 lb in 2 weeks!!
    I need to stop eating huge portions of everything, my weakness... eating till i'm overly full
  3. Just keep positive. If you cheat a bit then so be it. I had a few friends join up as well and they were very strict and lost weight faster. But they got sick, cranky etc faster. I also like that they do bloodwork and all. Their recipe book isn't bad either. I tried out a few recipes and they worked out well. But I am kinda lazy so salads were my life saver. If you like tuna as a topper you can have that too. Keep in touch and hope you do really well! Cheers!
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