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  1. merry christmas!

  2. happy easter!
  3. Thanks it was better.
  4. morning, wayne!
    hope you have a better day today!

  5. happy easter!

  6. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  7. happy new year!

    health and peace to you and yours!

  8. hehehe!
    hope you never see me as green as the green apple martini!

  9. The laptop was acting up. no golf yet way too busy.
  10. where were you this morning?!!!
    out polishing your clubs?

  11. happy st patrick's day! hope you find your pot of gold!
  12. thanks for the rep!
    as for the beer mug it was a gift
    use candies to buy gifts
  13. thanks for the rep!
  14. thanks for the rep!
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