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  1. hi
  2. Hello there
  3. Hi hope the weather is great for your golf game
  4. Helloo all is well , I hope the weather cooperates and you are having good golf games
  5. Hello hope all is well.
  6. Hello
  7. Thanks for the rep
  8. Thanks for the rep Happy New Years and may all your golf games be good ones , perfect weather and good scores
  9. Thanks for the rep! I hope santa is good to you Merry christmas and happy New Year
  10. Thanks for the rep !
  11. Thanks for the rep !!
  12. thanks for the rep !
  13. Its going much better thanks about 50% better
  14. Thanks for the rep !! I hope it mends soon the pain is annoying Have a great weekend . melonhead
  15. thanks again for the rep
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