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  1. Good Morning, I am sorry that I hve not got back to you sooner but I was down island having eye surgery.When I arrived home yesterday I received a really nice surprise. I coupon envie from you!Many thanks. Have a great Sunday,and again thank you.Wendy
  2. Thank-you sooooooooo much Please send me youe address again (I am not sure if I still have it) Again thanks!Wendy
  3. Hi Wendy, of course I remember you. I was thinking about sending some out to you, just been waiting to get a few better ones and for the smart source to come out, but don't worry, I mail ya out some in the next week, Moe.
  4. Hi, Happy New Year.I don't know if you remember me but we have traded coupons in the past (I am on Northern Vancouuver Island and find it hard to get coupons) I was wondering if you had some extra coupons that you would like to trade? If you do that would be great. Hope that you have a great week-end Wendy
  5. No problem Wendy, but you will have to remind me, cause I do forget stuff from time to time, lol. I got thinking about it, we did a trade when you first started out, and I remembered you mentioned having a hard time finding them. No problem, hope you can use some of this first bunch. Take care, and let me know what certain ones you try to use on a regular bases, Moe.
  6. Thank you so much if you ever need anything that I could possibly get let me know.wendy
  7. Ya, I didn't have any of those, made ya up an envy ans will send it out. I had more to put in, but they were the smart source so didn't bother, but if you want, every couple months just give me a shout, I don't mind sending some coupons out to you when you need them.I don't want anything for them, I know how difficult it can be to find them.
  8. I am really trying to get some denta bone coupons,but I know that they are hard to find!Thankyou soooooo much!
  9. Hey wendy, anything in particular you are looking for?
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