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  1. Carl&Chris
  2. Your message just reminded me that I had not entered my Lays codes that I had lying around the myself a Subway card.I did the same thing as you this past weekend...probably around 6 empty bags of chips got tossed at the cottage.I didn't even think about it until it was to late.

    Have fun in Dover!!!
  3. Well you replied in one day and I am replying right back so I think we are both on here a lot now! *LOL*

    To be honest, the window was still open when I turned on the monitor today so I thought I would tell the world I ordered my Subway gift card today from Lays!

    If you are out shopping today, keep an eye out for a Black Bonneville with several dents in the front fenders... that would be me! I am doing the grocery runaround before leaving for Port Dover! I do it every Friday! Love it!!!!!!

    Have a good weekend, that is if I don't see you on here again before tonight! :D
  4. I spend WAY to much time on am on Kanata off of Dunsdon Street.
  5. Hi sorry it took me so long to reply but I have not been on here in a long long time! I am in Eagle Place? Where are you in town? I should spend more time on here... I am finding amazing stuff today that I never knew about!

    Take care and stay cool!

  6. Welcome to Smart Canucks!I am also from Brantford.
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