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    Hello everyone! I have tidied this section.. you will notice two new stickies:

    One is for educational freebies
    the other is for online games (that you play on the computer)

    Please post new posts in those topics as replies to those threads to keep this section neat!

    As time allows I will also merge some of the colouring pages, ecards and recipe posts.. just not tonight lol.

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    Ok, just a reminder that the 'homework help' thread is a site for educational freebies.

    This is a section for online freebies: Printables, programs, recipe databases (people can look up their own single recipes if they want) etc... there are millions of interesting websites out there, so we can't post all of them here for practical reasons lol
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    Any online freebie that is educational (Be it program, website or printable). Thinking of merging some other posts as well.. we do have a colouring pages merged thread that I just had not got around to stickying yet that colouring pages should go in.. I think I also merged printable games... Thanks!

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    I'm going to have a post later about Torrents, because that's a different matter. But to clean this place up, some new rules need to be put into effect.

    I don't know about anyone else, but search engines are a bit of a waste of time and forum space, so please, don't post them. There are Google and Altavista and Ask and Yahoo... unless it does something like dances for you while singing "Ordinary Miracle" by Sarah McLachlan, please don't post it.

    Also, if it is a rather "useless" freebie, it will be moved out too. If it's geared to one type of person, it isn't useless, but if it does something we all have something already, like Youtube, or a replacement for it... it's kinda not needed. Again, there are millions of them out there... please don't post them in here.

    Long story short... I'm not asking too much (I hope) just don't post things that there are millions of them out there. Or thousands. Or hundreds even. If there are ten of them... note me. I might let you ^^;
    Why should I stay? Why should I go? I'm no longer on here. I might ghost in once in a while. But don't bother talking to me, I'm not to stay. Sorry.

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