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    I got the November issue of Homemakers today (loving the General Mills offer!) I didn't see any coupons in the magazine itself (please let me know if I missed anything!) but there were two booklets with it:

    The Right Choice/Living with Diabetes booklet:
    $1 Chapman's Frozen Yogurt 2L 69301894 Dec 31, 2011
    $0.50 Tre Stelle Ricotta cheese product 72004353 June 30, 2011
    $1 Naturegg Omega Pro 500 g liquid egg product 42404936 Dec 31, 2011
    $10 Neuragen 5 ml bottle regular price 20103154 May 31, 2011
    $3 Glucerna 6 pack nutritional drinks or 4 pack bars 18211383 Nov 30, 2011

    Clip N Save booklet:
    $1 Quaker instant oatmeal Strawberry&Vanilla flavour (304 g)m 15105064 Dec 31, 2010
    $0.50 Hormel Compleats microwave meal 85019325 Sept 30, 2011
    $1 Ester-C Vitamin C product 43402898 Oct 31, 2011
    $1 Tenderflake Pie, Tart, Patty Shell or Puff pastry product 19903734 Dec 31, 2010

    Sorry if this is a repost - I searched and didn't see a post for this issue yet.
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    I got my November issue of Homemakers yesterday, and there are a few coupon booklets in the bag around the magazine this month. None right in the magazine. I am in Ontario, and have a subscription, so they may be different in other provinces.

    The Right Choice booklet
    $3-any 6-pack of Glucerna nutritional drinks or any 4-pack of Glucerna bars-#18211838-Nov 30,11
    $10-the regular price of Neuragen 5ml bottle-#20103154-May 31
    $.50-any Tre Stelle Ricotta Cheese product-#72004353-June 30
    $1-Nuturegg Omega Pro 500g Liquid Egg Product-#42404936-Dec 31,11
    $1-any Chapmans 2L Frozen Yogurt-#69301894-Dec 31,11

    Clip and Save Booklet
    $1-Quaker Strawberry & Vanilla Oatmeal-#15105064-Dec 31
    $.50-any Hormel Compleats Microwave meal-#85019325-Sept 30,11
    $1-any Ester-C Vitamin C product-#43402898-Oct 31,11
    $1-any Tenderflake Pie,Tart,Patty Shell or Puff Pastry product-#19903734-Dec 31

    I have these for trade also. Pm me if you're interested in trading.
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    Great the chapmans one is great

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    Got mine too! Thanks! will pm you as a couple i could use!

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