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    I looked and couldn't find these posted anywhere, so if it's a re-post, sorry.

    I received my April issue of Homemakers yesterday, and it comes with a Clip N Save booklet. This is the same booklet that came with the Feb issue of More, and the Janes cpn is already expired, and the Sunrise one expires soon. I am in Ontario, and have a subscription, so they may be different in other provinces.

    Clip N Save Flyer
    $1-any High Liner Pan-Sear Selects 540g product-#12605018-Aug 31
    $1-any Natures Bounty vitamin or supplement-#99800772-Sept 30
    $4-any LaLOTA product-#80801128-Apr 30
    $.50-on any Stagg Chili Can or Microwave Bowl-#85019350-June 30
    $1-any of the following Janes products> FlatJacks,Plain Janes or Janes Sandwich Makers-#57730801-Feb 28
    $1-any Sunrise Stir-fry tofu n' sauce product-#5786413093-Mar 31

    I have all of these for trade (3 copies of each) so if you want to trade, just pm me.
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    I rec'd the same one and was a little disappointed when I realized the $1 James expired last month.

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