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    Apparently, no expiry date.

    Starbucks has free coffee and tea refills, but you need to have a Starbucks Rewards Card. It says "brewed" coffee so not sure if this will apply to all the fancy latte latte they have.

    Ok, so I don't have one, but I LOVE coffee. And I really like Starbucks!

    Next time I'm in Safeway, I'll got to Starbucks and buy a $5 Rewards Card, purchase one coffee for drinking while shopping, share it with whoever I'm with (I hope they're female!), and every time we run out, I'll go back and get a refill! Sounds good to me!!

    Any ladies out there want to join me?


    Oh... here's the link:
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    That isn't how it works sorry.

    You have to register your card online and the refills are only on drip coffee not fancy specialty coffee's. Also the refills are only for as long as you "stay" in the building or starbucks area. you can't come back a different day and just get another free coffee.

    Example: you can't buy a coffee and then walk around the mall for 15 mins and then go back to starbucks and get a coffee for free.

    You can sit in the seating area and read or use your lap top or chat with friends and then get a refill.
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