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    I am looking to trade CT money for coupons reason being, my childs school uses CT money to purchase raffle gifts for the family fun day fundraiser.... it really goes a long way with support. Last year they were able to purchase 2 bikes, and numerous other toys... thank you!

    Thanx for your replies... I will try that instead...
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    I'm wondering if your area is getting a higher % of CT money based on pre-tax purchase value than we are getting in Southern Ontario. I mean, on a family member's purchase of an item over $250, the CT money was under $3 last fall. That's ridiculous. I usually get the 5 cent coupon on purchases, no matter if they are just over $1 or under $20.

    It might be worthwhile to ask neighbours or friends to give you the CT money instead of putting it into the Jumpstart box near the exit door. Someone may have a drawer or clip of CT money needing a good home!
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    or maybe make and donate some gift baskets for the fundraiser. Lots of SCers use their coupons to make super cheap baskets that look amazing!

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