i have a complaint to all couponers out there, i did not receive my latest pg brandsaver and as i work in retail and chat up alot of couponers i know some of them say they go to the paper boxes and scoop the coupons out! seriously if you cant make do with what you get or what you get from recycled papers or friendly neighbors please do not steal other peoples coupons from paper boxes before they go to customers. this is ridiculous! also as a retail worker i REALLY appreciate the friendly couponers who come into the store and are grateful for what the store allows and dont argue every single thing told to them. also to the people out there trying to scam new employees and slip by expired coupons or coupons with restrictions thru employees who dont know better shame on you. you all know the rules and are just being greedy when you resort to these methods. thanks again to all the polite and patient couponers who come in. see ya next time!