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    Seeing as we've become such a tightknit community, I thought it might be fun for any DS owners on SmartCanuck's to get to play together!

    Just post your DS friend code's here, and we'll see you gameside!

    My Friend Codes
    Clubhouse Games - 5197 7192 3299
    Tetris DS - 8937 3978 0533
    Mario Kart DS - 1847 5913 9539

    EDIT: Found my Mario Kart DS! w00t!
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    aww man...I dont have a DS...may look into getting one...I just have an SP from nintendo at the moment.

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    I am a newbie I own one I like bejeweled 3 and match 3 puzzles Mahjong is a one I would love to get in the near future for it. I have no clue about playing with others on it, help ...

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