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LOL am i the only one who noticed her carpet in the picture?? It was disgusting and covered in foot prints...gross
Maybe you should have read the whole description of the picture before so rudely insulting me! There was construction being done on my balcony they were sandblasting the crap out of it all day part of why I went shopping to relieve myself from the jack-hammering and sandblasting! When I got home the dust had came all in my house ... because they were STILL working on my balcony and the dust was still flying I chose not to vaccume at that time as it would have been pointless those "footprints" and dust is cleaned up thanks got cleaned along with EVERY inch of my apartment since the cement dust was everywhere. Ignorance at its best! Grow up!

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Y'know, I get that people are up in arms about coupon abuse, but is it really necessary to take shots like this too?

What's next, taking shots at pictures of their children too?
Thank you that was a very rude and insulting comment and was not called for at all!