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    Just wondering if anybody else has been having issues with Wal-Mart North accepting legitimate coupons? I have the $3 printable L'Oreal Mens and I've been stocking up on the travel size shave gel as it is only $1.96-the coupon does NOT exclude travel sizes (expires Nov 30th). I'm trying to make up baskets for the teachers at our school as well as for the shelters. There are 2 cashiers in particular who are downright rude and nasty and do their damndest to make my shopping trip miserable! One of them today phoned my cashier, who had already read the coupon and had started to deduct them and tried to tell her that it excluded the trial size. I told her no, they don't-read it. And so she did and agreed that the coupon was fine and asked another CSM to override as there was an overage to be paid today. Has anybody else had a similar problem at Wal-Mart North, or is there any advice you can offer other than holding your ground when you know you're in the right?? Please advise!
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    I am not far enough North, but thanks to you I do have the link for the coupon while it lasts this week and hope to put it to use. I wish you luck with the cranky cashiers. If they continue, I would ask for a manager or go to customer service and ask that they go over the coupon policy with their employees.

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    Has anyone seen these travel shave gels at the SS Walmart? i looked for them today but couldnt find them, just wondering if anyone else has seen them or even seen them somewhere else on the southside (I dont have a car so NS isnt easy to get to). Thanks!

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