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Thread: Coupon friend!

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    Hello every one! I'm Jonnie 20 year old college student and soon to be mom! Exciting! I'm currently residing in Orillia but willing to commute to Barrie. I am looking for an individual to educate me on the process which is couponing! I would like to possibly join in on a shopping trip? Currently my boyfriend and I spending up to $400.00/month! Thats insane I would love to bring that total way down. Should I mention that I am status first nations and receive taxes off with my status card! If this is something your interested in then please feel free to reply or msg me. I look forward to hearing back from you.
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    I must first say I am sorry I didn't read this thread! I haven't been on here in a while. Either way, if your still looking for a coupon buddy feel free to message me! I am actually having coffee with a couple friends Monday night since they want to know about couponing...and I would be happy to have you come along if you would like to. Either way, feel free to message me!!

    What do you mean you didn't use a coupon??????

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