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    Hi All,

    I'm moving to the Victoria area this up coming week and looking for a couponning buddy, as I'm leaving my bestie here in Edmonton . I'm hoping I can tee up with someone or a group who can show me around along with showing me where the best place to find inserts, tear pads and of course prices. I'm a mom of 5 so any savings is great!

    Let me know if theres anyone out there looking for a couponing buddy! Coupon buddy if your out there PM me and maybe we can ex change cell numbers.
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    i'm always up to chatting coupons
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    There are only a couple of good places to coupon in Victoria, Save on food is the best, they will let you stack as long as the coupon does not say "one per customer" if it says "one coupon per purchase" then you can stack as long as they have different UPC's. London drugs will let you stack too, but will not accept printable coupons over two dollars. Walmart will price match and give you overages, but will not allow you to stack. The best place to collect coupons is oak bay grocery stores, simply because that is the retirement community they offer much more coupons then every where else and a better variety too.

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