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    Expired on: Thu, Jul 5th, 2012
    This is my fifth Traditional Train, only this time with a twist!

    Like all traditional trains, you replace dollar for dollar, food for food etc.

    However, on this train you must also include 2 coupons from the next riders wishlist, attached with a sticky, paperclip etc.
    This way no one will have to send on an envie without having gotten something out of it. (It's always so disappointing to receive a train with nothing you needed.) If you do not have two wishlist coupons for the next rider, send one P stamp instead

    So, hop aboard this train knowing you will definitely receive something you want out of it, or at least a stamp!

    So here's what you do...

    • Post in this thread that you'd like to join, then PM me your address and wishlist.
    • Check back to see the riders list and take a peak at the wishlist of the person in front of you.
    • Once you receive the envie, take out what you need, write down in/outs beside your name and include wl coups for the next rider
    • Make sure coupons dont expire for at least 30 days
    • Include the BP, which is 2 P stamps. This is for my conducting.
    • Post to the thread that you've received the envie.
    • Rate your sender and myself
    • Mail within 24 hours , make sure to weigh the envelope to ensure quick delivery.

    I will be accepting only 5 riders so this goes quickly. A rating of 25+ is needed to board so that it goes smoothly.

    Welcome Aboard

    Riders List
    1. Poutze
    2. Julesie-Pie
    3. KK7
    4. taffy
    5. cjethani
    6. Tinkerbella

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    FT: TONS of $1 Unilever Icecream,including BREYERS! EXP: AUG 31ST!

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    Me please

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    I will accept:
    I will not accept: Printed/Store Specific/French/TFT/Printed Smart Source
    I can’t stack

    Any FPC, especially:
    FPC Maxi Pads FPC Coke / Pepsi
    FPC Cat Litter
    FPC Fruit or Veggies FPC Yogurt or Breakfast Item (Cereal Boxes) FPC Brown Sugar or Chocolate Chip Oatmeal FPC Dempster’s Bagels Chapman’s $5

    Any Manufacturer Coupons including:
    General Mills
    Betty Crocker
    Colgate / Palmolive RRLF
    J & J
    Kimberly Clark Aveeno $3 call in RRLF
    Popcorn Kernels Popcorn (B1G1)
    Drink Boxes
    Crystal Light
    Pudding Cups
    Jello Cups
    Kraft Salad Dressing (not refrigerated)
    Chef Boyardee Fresh / Frozen Fruit
    Fresh / Canned / Frozen Veggies Artic Gargen Veggies DelissioPizza $2
    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1
    Smart Bread or Wonderbread $2 wub 2 (websaver) Jake’s Bread Breton Crackers or Dare (wub any of the brand)
    Rice Krispie Treats $2.00 (from Kellogg’s Pack) Corn Pop’s $2.50 (from Kellogg’s Pack) All Brans Bars $2.00 (from Kellogg’s Pack) Rice Krispies $2.50 (from Kellogg’s Pack) Rice Krispie Squares Kashi Bars $2
    Stove Top
    Betty Crocker Potatoes
    Hamburger Helper Heinz Beans $1 or $2 Busch’s Beans $1 Kraft or Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce Pillsbury Pizza Pops Toaster Strudels
    Old El Paso, Taco/Fajita Kits/Salsa Ground Beef / Chicken $4 (wub hamburger helper)
    Kraft Shredded Cheese Lactancia Butter Black Diamond $.75 off any or $1 Funcheez or cheese strings
    Bounty $6 WUB: 1 Bounty (excluding single roll), Charmin (excluding 4 roll), and Puffs Cheeze Whiz
    Heinz Ketchup / or Heinz Products (good on any)
    Minigo, Tubes, or Coolision Yogurts
    Danino Yogurt $1+
    Ice cream
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese (not flavoured)
    Tropicana Orange Juice (good on any kind) $1+
    Chips (Lays, Ruffles, Old Dutch) Veggie Straws
    Chewing Gum
    Kraft Peanut butter
    Microwave Pot Roasts / Meats Top Dogs Quaker Chewy Bars Coke or Pepsi (good on diet)
    Kraft Dinner (original only)
    Pasta Sauces (Classico $1, Hunt’s, Ragu)
    Fresh Eggs (not wub)
    Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinners
    Pampers Diapers $5+ (not wub) Huggies $5+ (not wub)
    Easy Ups or Pull Ups $3+ (not wub)
    Huggies Wipes $1+
    Gerber L’il Puffs
    Baby Mum Mums
    Cleaning wipes
    Greenworks Cleaners
    Any toilet paper $2+ (not wub)
    Aluminum Foil / Cling Wrap $1+
    Soft Soap
    Colgate / Crest Toothpaste 1+ (valid on any kind) Always or Stayfree or Carefree Maxi-pads $2+
    Ziploc Bags (tear pad only) Gillette $5 WUB3 (2012 expiry) Cover Girl $4
    Pampers Pins (from diapers/wipes only)
    Huggies Pins
    Lunchmates Pins
    Aeroplan Pins
    Stouffer’s Pins Icoke Pins
    Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points Amazon Codes Gift Cards – SDM, WM, WENDYS

    No French, TFT, store specific (except the PC brand), or printed

    *Pampers GTG Codes (from diapers) (RRRLF)
    *$10 Pampers (from company) (RRRLF)
    *FPC Liberte Organic Milk (from facebook promo RRRLF)
    *FPC Dempsters Bagels
    *FPC Ice Cream
    *FPC Milk
    *FPC Dairyland Lil Ones Yogurt
    *FPC Smartfood Popcorn
    *FPC McCain Thincrust Pizza
    *FPC Juice
    *FPC fruit/veggies
    *$7/$5 Pampers diapers (good on Cruiser, NOT WUB, NO size restrictions)
    *$5 Chapmans (from company)
    *$3 McCain product (good on ANY)
    *$5 Platex bucks (BLUE ones from company – 2013 expiry)
    *$3 Chapmans
    *$2/$1 Oasis Shelf Juice (good on 960mL)
    *$1+ Cheerios (from pampers box 2013/14 expiry)
    *J&J Green Tylenol Call-In (2013 expiry or later)
    *$1 Hain-Celestial (from company)
    *Schneider's Country Naturals Deli Meat
    *$1.50 fresh chicken (Ziploc)
    *$0.75 fresh produce or block cheese (Ziploc)
    *$1+ Oliveri (good on fresh pasta, NOT lasagna)
    *$2 Cottonelle
    *Campbells Call-in
    *Aveeno $3 (call-in – 2013 expiry or later)
    *$1 Kandoo (good on flushable wipes)
    *Pampers GTG codes (from wipes)
    *Dairyland Lil Ones Yogurt (expiry after June 30)
    *Kraft Dinner - Smart boxes only
    *Allens’ Apple Juice
    *Yop yogurt drinks (good on singles)
    *$1 PC Ice Cream
    *$1 Heinz Little Kid Biscuit
    *$1+ Babybel Cheese (not light)
    *$1+ Johnson's Baby (good on any)
    *$1+ Pull-Up Wipes
    *Armstrong Cheese Snacks
    *$.75 Fresh Veggies (from ziploc)
    *$0.75 Wonderbread+
    *McCain Thincrust Pizza
    *$1+ Fresh fruit/veggies (not Mann's please)
    *$3+ Pampers Diapers (good on Cruisers - no size restrictions, NOT WUB)
    *$1/$2/$3 Kimberly Clark Vouchers
    *Oreo Cookies (regular, golden or double stuffed)
    *Milk (Nelson (not Dairy-Oh!), Beatrice or Sealtest only)
    *Smartfood Popcorn (not Orville Redenback)
    *Cheetos Puffs
    *Lays/Doritios/Totitos/Ruffles/Old Dutch chips (June 30 expiry or later)
    *$$ pop (good on 2L bottles - not diet)
    *Summer Fresh Hummus
    *$1+ Pampers wipes
    *$1+ Huggies wipes
    *President's Choice toddler food products
    *President's Choice snack food
    *$1+ Ice Cream (any)
    *$0.50+ Oasis Shelf Juice (good on 960mL)
    *$1+ General Mills Cereal (good on ANY)
    *$1+ Post Cereal (good on ANY)
    *$1 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    *$2 Carnation Breakfast Essentials (Dec 2012 expiry only)
    *Black Diamond/Cracker Barrel/Kraft/Armstrong Cheese (block only)
    *Oasis Juice Boxes (2013 expiry only)
    *Organic Meadow Milk (good on 4L homo) - from company
    *Bolthouse Smoothies
    *Country Harvest/Dempster bagels
    *$1 Healthy Choice (good on hotdogs)
    *hot dogs (any all beef ones)
    *Sun Chips
    *Campbells Soup (good on ANY or Chunky - $0.50 WUB 1)
    *$1+ Frozen berries
    *Chocolate bars (ones without peanuts & almonds please)
    *$1+ Teltey Tea (good on any)
    *Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins Water
    *Maxwell House Instant Coffee
    *Canada Dry Gingerale (regular kind ONLY)
    *Purex liquid laundry (not with Zout or WUB)
    *Purex 3-in-1 laundry (not WUB)
    *Old Dutch liquid laundry
    *Sunlight Liquid Dish Soap
    *Cashmere toilet paper (not enviro care)
    *Cottonelle toilet paper (not wipes)
    *$1+ Charmin toilet paper (2013 expiry!)
    *Scotties Tissues (not enviro care)
    *Lysol Wipes
    *Nature Clean toilet cleaner
    *Air Wick Cones
    *CT Money


    .75 Deluxe Dempsters Buns
    $3 WUB 2 Haagen-Dazs, 500ml Tubs & Multipacks, any
    .50 Degree
    .75 Wub 2 Christies Crackers
    1.00 24 Nestle Water
    1.00 Friskies Indoor Cat
    2.00 Pam
    .1.00 Any 1 Dare/Grissol
    1.00 Any 1 Dawn
    Friskies Dry Food 1.00+
    2.00 16 count Eggo's
    2.00 Benful Dry Dog Food
    1.00 Beggin Strips
    Fancy Feast/Friskies Wet
    Any Reg Natrel Milk for 4 Litres NOT Organic
    1.00 Mars Multipak
    Premium Crackers
    Diana BBQ Sauce
    1.00 plus Summerfresh Dips
    75 Block of Cheese
    1.00 Clorex Wipes
    Europes Best Fruit
    Black Diamond New Tear Pad
    1.00 Nestea 12 Cans
    Kraft Shreded Cheese not u have to buy
    Ziplock Any
    $1 off Kraft Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) expires Dec.31 '12
    1.00 Kraft Parmesan Sept Exp
    1.00$ WUB3 Jell-o Jelly Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012
    Buy 2 Save 2.00 Smartfood
    Buy 3 Lays Get PepsiCo 2 Litre Free
    1.50 Fresh Chicken
    .75 Fresh Fruit
    Hunts Spaghetti Sauce
    Hunts Tomato Paste
    Diana BBQ Sauce
    1.00 Any Astro Peelie or Any Other Source
    .75 Rougemount/Allen's Juice From English Muffins
    .75 Catelli For ANY
    1.00 Alway not infinty
    Marzetti Dips
    Natrel Chocolate Milk
    75 Danone
    1.00 Wub 2 Friskies Treats
    2.00 Fruit When U Buy 2 Hunts Pudding
    1.00 Clorex Toilet Dec 31 Exp
    May Family Farms For Meat Not Deli/coldcuts
    2.00 Cottonelle

    Colgate Palmolive Manufactures coupons
    J & J Call in coupons
    Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines baking mixes or frosting (cake, cookie, brownie)
    Pillsbury products (crescent rolls/cookies/brownies/cinnamon rolls)
    $4 Carnation Instant Breakfast
    Sunrype (vaild on any product)/Sunny D
    Arthurs Smoothies
    Tassimo coffee refills
    Maxwell House Instant Coffee
    Stove Top Stuffing (if they exist)
    Barilla Pasta
    Catelli (good on any product)
    Minute Maid Refrigerated or Frozen Juice
    Activia Yogurt/Danactive/BioBest/Yogurt drinks
    Pringles/Chips/Snack foods/Old Dutch
    Kraft singles/cheese strings/black diamond
    Philadelphia cream cheese
    Miracle Whip
    Hungry Man dinners/Stouffers dinners/Stouffers Sensations
    Aunt Jemina Syrup/Pancake mix
    Granola bars/Fibre One/Nature Valley/Fibre One
    Heinz Ketchup
    Tetley Tea
    Maxx Cat Litter/Arm and Hammer Litter
    Good recipes for family dinners

    cjethani Y
    Inserts : N (until specified)
    French: N
    TFT:Y (Toronto, Ontario only)
    Printables: N
    Store Specific: N
    Stack: N
    Multiples : N
    ** For the coupons that say multiples ok, do not send more than 2 – until specified

    Count as all

    • FPC Arctic Gardens
    • FPC M&M
    • FPC Cereal(esp. General mills)
    • FPC Coke 2L
    • FPC tide/Purex or any laundry detergent
    • FPC Finish/cascade or any dishwasher soap
    • FPC baby diaper’s/wipes
    • FPC J&J Trial Pack (I’m due in early August )
    • FPC Bread
    • FPC Astro Original Yogurt
    • FPC Lays/Ruffles/etc (from superbowl promo)
    • FPC Oasis Juice OR Juice Boxes
    • FPC Pepsi/7UP/Crush/ETC (from superbowl promo – no WUB)
    • FPC Glad (on any product)
    • FPC Pepsi/Coca Cola FPC-6pack or 12pack only!--No 2L please
    • $5/$8/$10 pampers coupons good on any product not just for box diapers (little blue coup from company)
    • $5.00 Skinny Cow
    • 7.00 SC Johnson Call In
    • $5 on Ziploc/Saran product-mail out from the company
    • $5 Greenworks, Clorox, etc mail-out from the company
    • $5 Royale on ANY product-mail-out from the compan0079
    • Platex$5.00 call in (must be good on feminie products)
    • $10 Colgate/Palmolive
    • $5 Chapmans Ice Cream – exp. 2013/2014
    • $4+ Quaker Call in
    • Roll Up the Rim to Win Coffee

    Count as 1

    • $.75 Any Cheese Product (from ziplock) (multiples ok)
    • $.75 Fresh produce (Ziplock) (multiples more than 2 ok)
    • $0.75 Allens Apple Juice
    • $0.75 Lactantia butter 454g Dec 31,2013(recipe plus calendar) multiples ok
    • $0.75 Michelnas Entree multiples more than 2 ok
    • $0.75 Lactantia Butter 454 g 46215912 Sept 30, 2012(fromKeebler Pie Package)
    • $1 Astro Original 650 g, 750 g or 500 g 11909819 Dec 31, 2013 FROM RECIPE PLUS
    • Royale $2
    • CALENDAR( multiples more than 2 ok)
    • $1 Billy Bee honey - No expiry (multiples more than 2 ok)
    • $1 Charmin Sept 30, 2013 OR Dec 31, 2013 (no WUB or BxGx)
    • $1 Marc Angelo (valid on ANY product) facebook offer
    • $1 Oasis Juice Boxes (8x200mL or 5x200mL) March 31, 2013(back ofAllens Juice Label) (multiples ok)
    • $1 Pampers / Huggies Wipes (no WUB or BxGx)
    • $1 Summerfresh Dips (good on any), 2013 exp
    • $1 Ziplocs WUB1
    • $1.00 CT money (multiples more than 2 ok)
    • $1.50 Glade – Dec 2012 (multiples ok)
    • $1.50 Oasis Refrigerated jugs -any flavour (2.63L) March 31,2013(back of Allens Juice Label)( multiples ok)
    • $1+ Cerama Brite / Vim (good on any product)-no insert
    • $2 Cashmere Toilet Paper
    • $2 Orville Redenbacher (Conagra Promo)
    • $2 Playtex Peelie
    • $2 WUB2 Ziplocs (websaver or other sources)
    • $3 Bread wub Ziplock
    • $3 Purex liquid or Baby Soft liquid laundry soap
    • Arctic Gardens, $1 Arctic Gardens product, Dec 31, 2012
    • Arctic Gardens, save 1$ on a purchase of any Arctic gardens product, dec 31, 2012
    • .50 Welch’s ( OR Hang Tags)
    • 0.75 D'Italino product ANY
    • 2.00 Olymel Peelie
    • 2.00 SC Johnson Peelie
    • Act II popcorn (must be valid on any type or size) multiples ok
    • Astro. $1 off any Astro Original 650g or 750g, 11909822, Dec 31, 2012 multiples more than 2 ok
    • Canada Dry $1.50 or more (no WUB or BxGx)
    • Chicken, $1.50 on any fresh chicken product, 33687979, Oct 31,2012 (multiples more than 2 ok)
    • Coke/pepsi products (not max,not crush, no BxGx, no WUB)
    • Dempsters Smooth Multigrains Bread $1.00 (websaver)
    • eggs (in a shell)
    • Finish, $5 wub (2) Finish Quantum, Powerball Tabs or GELPACS, 06546205, Aug 31,2012
    • $ off fresh fruit (no WUB)
    • $ off fresh meat (no WUB) (good on chicken esp.)
    • general mills(good on any- especially Almond oatmeal crisp)
    • Gilette $5 wub 3 Expiry Oct 31, 2012 UPC: 66008457 (multiples ok)
    • Glad sandwich/freezer baggies, garbage bags
    • Greenworks $2wub2 - not laundry
    • Jell-O-good on gelatine
    • Lysol no touch refills
    • Lysol or clorox wipes
    • Maple Leaf Prime $5 (multiples ok)
    • minute maid frozen juices
    • Minute Maid Juice Boxes (small)
    • Orville Redenbachers Popcorn $1.50 (websaver)
    • P & G, $6 wub (1) Bounty (excl. single roll), (1) Charmin (excl. 4 roll), and (1) Puffs (excl. single pk), 66009144, Sept 30,2013
    • P&G, save $3 WYB2 Bounty (excl. single roll), Charmin (excl. 4 roll), or Puffs (excl. single pack) products, 66009157, Sept 30, 2013
    • Quantum Finish $3+
    • Sugar (Redpath)
    • Tide $2+ (not wub)
    • Tide,$3.00wub (2) Tide products, 63655285,Feb28,2013
    • Vlassic Pickles $0.50 Expiry Dec 31 2012


    Printed - Yes, in clear colour only
    Store Specific - Yes if can be used at WM or NF
    TFT - Yes, if valid in Ontario
    French - Sorry, No!

    Count As All Coupons:

    $5 Pampers - Good on ANY type or size. NOT WUB
    Kelloggs Pin
    FPC VH Steamers
    BOGO VH Steamers
    FPC Chicken
    FPC Stouffer's products
    FPC Kellogs
    BOGO Oasis - I wish!
    Pop BOGO
    Almost ANY FPC - Just ask
    $3 GC
    $5 Kimberley Clark Coupon
    $4 off Chicken WUB Old El Paso kit
    $5.00 Prime Chicken
    $5.00 Chapmans
    $5 Avene - I wish!

    Count As 2 Coupons:

    $2 Nutrigrain
    $2 Janes Chicken
    $1 Purex - NOT Crystals
    $2 All Bran Bars
    $1 General Mills
    75. Allens
    $1 + Soy Frozen Dessert
    $1.25 Oasis Refrigerated Cartons
    $1 Steamers - NOT WUB
    Fresh Fruit
    Fresh Vegetables

    Count As 1 Coupon:

    $1.25 Oasis Nutrisource
    Becel Margarine - Good on ANY
    Bread - Whole Wheat
    Catelli Pasta
    Eggos - 0.75+ off
    Hamburger Buns
    $1+ Kellogg’s Cereals (Not All Bran)
    $1+ General Mills Cereal
    Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares not granola bars
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    $1 + Soy Milk
    $1 Nutrigrain Bars
    Old El Paso kits
    Renée's Dressing
    Kraft Dressing
    Ruffles Chips
    Sauces (Classico, Primo, Ragu or Catelli)
    Shake n Bake
    VH Indian Market Sauces - 2.00 WUB 2
    Villaggio bread (not buns) - 0.75 off
    V8 Vegetable or Fruit
    Ziploc Bags - 1.00 WUB 1
    Ziploc products - 2.00 WUB 2
    $1 Royale or Cashmere - Good on ANY size

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    FT: TONS of $1 Unilever Icecream,including BREYERS! EXP: AUG 31ST!

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    seat please, will pm you shortly
    RRLF $1 Life Choice, Pampers & Huggies Diapers, Pampers GTG codes

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    I would like a seat please...sent a pm

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    seat please sending wishlist

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    Smart Canuck
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    393 (100%)

    seat please....

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    received the train today, nothing for me (exept my w/l ones)
    bp and next rider's coupons added and on its way in the morning.
    (Also removed $2 in expired cz)

    Thanks for the ride!

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    thanks That is precisely why I added the wl coupon twist! Just incase..
    FT: TONS of $1 Unilever Icecream,including BREYERS! EXP: AUG 31ST!

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    FT: TONS of $1 Unilever Icecream,including BREYERS! EXP: AUG 31ST!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkerbella View Post
    no sign of it yet (my mail has been slow lately though), fingers crossed it comes monday
    RRLF $1 Life Choice, Pampers & Huggies Diapers, Pampers GTG codes

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    Canadian Genius
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    received today will mail tomorrow

    out $9
    in $12 + BP + 2 coupons for KK7

    thanks for letting me ride!
    RRLF $1 Life Choice, Pampers & Huggies Diapers, Pampers GTG codes

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    received PM'ing conductor don't think it is anyones fault due to it taking forever to get to me but must coupons expire tomorrow not sure what she wants me to do lol

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