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    Good evening, to start, I am a new Albertan couponer on the sight. I am starting to collect coupons, but am confused with wording on the coupon. I have one main question that I cannot find very well on the internet, so I decided to come here. Even so, I couldnt find the answer I was looking for, even in the beginners forums. So here it goes:

    1. Now, if I have "1" coupon, lets say it is for Cambells Soup, I go to my local store and decide to pick up "5" cans. Can I use that "1" coupon for each Cambells Soup can I buy. So I buy 5 cans, each at $1.25 and the coupon is worth .25 off, am I able to use that "1" coupon for each can I buy, making my total $5.00? Or do I need "5" Cambells Soup Coupons to make it that? This would also be all in one transaction.

    The coupon would also say "One Coupon per Purchase"

    Now if you cannot do that and need more than one coupon, how are you getting more than one of these coupons? Are you using different email adresses or mail adresses when signing up to coupon websites?

    Hope someone can help, and thank you
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    You would need 5 coupons. Unless the coupon says "save $xxx when you buy 5 cans", then it's 1 coupon to purchase the 5 cans. Hope this helps and welcome to the boards.
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    As far as getting more of that coupon, if you are using a printable coupon, you are usually allowed to print 2. Manufacturers coupons can be found in most grocery stores or drug stores. If the coupon you find is something that you use a lot, and you know you will use them all before the expiry date on the back of the coupon, you can take as many as you may need. Also, a lot of us trade coupons with others. They have something you want, you have something they want, so you make a trade.
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