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Thread: most expensive trade EVER cost me almost $400

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    Quote Originally Posted by juniperjune View Post
    I got a ticket last month. I was peeved for over a week. Even now when I think about it I am upset. The cops were out on the last day of the month and I drove 30 in the 30 zones. They were giving out tickets! But I did see a person driving at least 90 in a 30 zone in front of a school. I said look at that **iot. He got nailed. Only one I was glad for. The rest of us, NO. LOL
    if you were going 30 in a 30 zone why did you get a ticket ?

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    Glad I read this yesterday! Was headed down Plessis earlier and was reminded to slow down... Sure enough the cops were sitting behind the BFI bin of the little side gravel parking lot by the golf course. Sorry about the ticket, but thanks for preventing mine
    Keep Smiling!
    Super Mel

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