**$10 Pampers
**FPC diapers/wipes
*Pepsi Max
*Enfamil A+
Natrel Baboo FPC (enough for now, thanks)
Pediasure cheques (NOT coupons)
most FPC grocery items (do not need Sobeys Urban Fresh Liberty milk or Febreze noticeables)

PM me if you are interested in a trade...
I have a $5 Similac cheques, FPC Sobeys Urban Fresh Liberty milk, FPC Febreze noticeables warmer, CT money, stamps...willing to do GC's...but ONLY if you have any of the above items.

Also, check out my tradelist.. I have plenty of tearpads, mail-outs, inserts and internet coupons. If there is something you are looking for in particular, just ask... I don't have all of my coupons up on my tradelist as it changes daily.

Thanks! Happy couponing :D