Some of you may know from some of my posts I gamble online. is one of the internets oldest and most respected forums in this field. If you gamble online, or have an interest in learning, this is the best place to learn about it.

There's also sections for Land Based Casinos too.

There are actually quite a few freebies in the online casino world, especially for new players. But like many things that are free, there are rules, and this is a great place to learn how it works. It is not however primarily a bonus hunting forum.

There's a current contest until May 31/2012 for the most new referrals, but you must make at least two posts (there's an introduce yourself section). You can use my referral link or put my name, Jasminebed (same as here) in the referral field if you join otherwise.

If you think this may interest you, check it out. If you pm me over there, I'll try to steer you over to some of the best free no deposit bonuses I know and give you some pointers about the "catches" to them.

Hope to see some of you over at CM, and thanks for all your consideration.