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    Lately every weekend it seems, SOF has great unadvertised clearance items! I went to my favorite SOF, yesterday, and at the checkout they had carts full of Vector cereal for $1 a box, expiry Oct. 2012. They had the pin for the free t-shirt on them. Next to them was a cart full of Haagen Dazs icecream for $2 a small tub. ( so strange, they were just sitting there in a cart, slowly melting!!). If you have the coupons for the Haagen Dazs that makes them .50$ each. Awesome deals. BtW., if anyone wonders, this was at the SOF in Namao on 97th street.
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    great deals thnxs for the post

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    I went to SOF on Saturday and also found crazy good deals.
    The new Nivea deodarant for $1.12 (so 12 cents total with the $1 off coupon) and majority of Clairol hair color for little over $2 and then reduced to pennies when combined with the P&G coupons for $2 or $5 when you buy 2.
    Lever soap was $1. Crazy!
    The cashier said the day before was even crazier as they were giving away free candles.

    I think I may be taking a walk through SOF more often for these unadvertised sales...

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