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    Expired on: Thu, May 17th, 2012
    I have 17 x $3.00 off Nexxus coupons up for auction.

    Looking for best offer of WL coupons or GC's.

    I have the right to refuse an offer and right to cancel auction if I see fit.

    Thank you for taking time to look at my WL.

    Wish List

    ***I also tend to miss Promos that have gone on, if you have some coupons that you think I would like from them, please offer, the worst I can say is no ***
    **Not interested in FPC Vaseline, FPC Sunny D, FPC Dr. Oetker or FPC Weight Watchers Frozen Entrees.**

    RRRRLF is in this color

    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – Y
    Toonies for Tummies – N
    French – N
    Can you stack – N
    Store Specific – N, unless specified
    Inserts - N, unless specified
    Printables – N, unless specified

    FPC Weight Watchers Products (except Frozen Entrees)
    FPC Johnson's Replacement
    FPC Johnson's Take along - enough for now
    FPC Johnson's Baby
    FPC Aveeno
    FPC Coke/Pepsi
    FPC Canada Dry Gingerale
    FPC Yogurt (minigo or kid type yogurt)
    FPC Oasis Juice
    FPC Oasis Juice Box
    FPC Frozen Veggies (Not WUB or Artic Garden)
    FPC Dempsters Bread
    FPC Wonderbread
    FPC Granola Bar
    FPC Ground Beef (not WUB)
    FPC Tassimo (must be good on tea)
    FPC Lays Chips
    FPC Tostitos
    FPC Royale Items
    FPC Tampax Tampons (Shoppers Drug Mart)
    FPC Playtex Tampons

    FPC PopChips
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars
    FPC Quakers Oatmeal
    FPC Dove (good for shampoos or conditioners)
    FPC Crest Pro-Health
    FPC Banana's
    FPC Fruit

    FPC Laundry Detergent
    Any FPC from Kraft Box
    MOST FPC' me
    Spin U Win Codes - enough for now
    $5 Maple Leaf Prime Marinated Boneless Skinless breasts, Seasoned Flattened Chicken or Boneless Skinless Breasts
    Playtex Bucks
    $4.00 NIGHTTIME ADVIL 10\20\30s (spinuwin)
    $4.00 CHILDRENS ADVIL 100ML BUBBLE GUM\BERRY (spinuwin) - enough for now
    $3.00 CHILDRENS ADVIL 100ML GRAPE\FRUIT\BLUE RASPBERRY (spinuwin) - enough for now

    $4.00 Advil Cold & Sinus (must be good on 10s)
    $2.00 off any Royale (not paper towels)
    $3 Bread WUB Ziploc
    $1.00 off Danino Yogurt (From Happy Meal box - McDonald's)
    $1.00 Marc Angelo (must be good on Chicken/turkey sausages)
    $1.00 Herseys (good on chocolate chips)
    Any mail outs/Call In's (Johnsons, Aveeno, bandaid, Tylenol, Clean & Clear, Agropur, Heinz, General mills, Campbells, Colgate/Palmolive, Conagra Foods, Natrel, Unilever, Quaker, Kimberly Clarke etc)
    $10.00 WUB Robax, any (Shoppers Voice)

    Tassimo (no coffee, tea or hot chocolate only)
    $1.00 + Natrel Milk (Good on 4L bags and regular milk, not lactose free or organic)
    $4.00 Covergirl (P&G)
    $4.00 Covergirl (from FPC Clairol Perfect 10 Color Giveaway)
    $3.00 Nexxus
    Schneiders Hot Dogs
    $0.10 Halls (facebook)
    $1.50 Clorox2 (websaver) - enough for now
    $0.50 Stride Gum (facebook)
    $0.75 off Minigo Yogurt (from case)
    Motts Fruitsations Apple Sauce
    $1 Eggos Pancakes (websaver) - Enough for now
    $0.50 off WELCH'S® 100% JUICE (
    $4.00 Snack Size Chocolate bars
    $1.00 Mars Bars Multi pack
    $2.00 off McDonald's Happy Meal
    $1.00 Oral B Manual Brush (Brandsaver) - enough for now
    Any Children's Advil (Will take printable for this) - enough for now
    $0.50 Hungryman
    $1 Kraft Cheese Slices
    $0.50 WUB2 Jello Powders
    Renee's Salad Dressing
    Driscoll's Berries
    Olive Oil
    $1.00 Weight Watcher's Bread
    $1.00 Weight Watcher's Desserts
    Kandoo Wipes

    $1.00 Summer Fresh Dips or Hummus 2013 expiry
    Becel Margarine - good on vegan

    Juice Boxes (oasis or minute maid)
    Juice (allen's or oasis, regular not refridgerated)

    Lysol or Clorox Wipes
    Bicks Pickles - not less salt
    Schneider's Hot Dogs
    Alfredo Sauce
    Green Giant Canned Veggies
    Green Giant Frozen Veggies (not wub)
    $1 Betty Crocker Icing (not sure if they are still around)
    $1.00 off Betty Crocker Cake Mix (not sure if they are still around)
    Catelli pasta (good on regular only)
    Kraft Dinner (not Cups or Smart)
    Minute Rice (not cups)
    Koolaid Jammers
    Lays Chips
    Canned Tomatoes (Aylmers, whole or diced only, no accents)
    Hunts Paste and Sauce - enough for now
    Sour Cream (not gold)
    Ruffles Chip Dip
    Kraft Salad Dressing (Not Sizzlers)
    Toaster Strudels
    Poptarts - enough for now
    Pasta - White pasta, not from go coupons (please ask before you send...I've been sent wrong ones before)
    $1.00 off Mustard - French's (Superbowl booklet Coupons) - enough for now
    $0.75 off Thinsations
    $0.75 off Block Cheese Product (ziploc coupons) - enough for now
    Pepsi/Coke - not max, just regular
    Playtex Tampons - Good on Regular, not sport
    Sunmaid Raisins
    Sunmaid Raisin Bread
    Natrel Milk (Must be good on Regular Homo Milk and on 4L bags)

    Fresh Express or Dole bagged salads (on regular bags)
    Pam - good on Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Butter spray
    Any PopChips
    Kraft Peanut Butter - on smooth
    $2 Revlon Beauty Tool - enough for now
    Any Canada Dry
    $0.75 off General Mills
    $1.50 off Canada Dry (on cases)
    $0.50 off ItalPasta
    $1.00 wub 2 Maple Leaf, Dempsters, Pom or Ben's
    $1.00 off Ziploc (Websaver I believe)
    $1.50 off fresh chicken (Ziploc coupons)
    $0.75 off fresh produce (Ziploc coupons)
    any Weight Watchers coupons for food

    Superbucks (Superstore Gas station) $$ off
    Reebok PlayDry T-Shirt
    Kellogg's Codes for FPC

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