When I first started couponing I really had wished I could find a comprehensive list on prices and deals that I could start to expect to find in my area, since everything seems to differ from region to region. Had LOTS of great help on SC from people, and although I still consider myself to be rather new to this I thought that I would create a thread where Saskatoonies can post generally how they go about putting together thier deals.

So here are the rules(ish) of the thread. Post what you get, the store you are getting it from, the price(ish) you should wait for the item to go on sale for, the coupons you are using and where you get them from. Get REALLY detailed here, any other information that is useful post as well. Was it clearance? Was it a special promo? The more info we are armed with the better so that Stoonies and area can know what to expect with couponing in our region. AWESOME

I will start my list and keep on editing the more and more I learn!