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    I was just sitting here working on my weekly shopping list on my spreadsheet and the idea popped into my head - i wonder if anyone else could possibly benefit from this. On my excel spreadsheet, i have formulas that automatically calculate your post coupon and post tax totals and if that would benefit anyone, let me know and i will post it. I'm sure a lot of the more experienced couponers and even some of the other newbs (like me) have done this already for themselves - but if you would like a different template for it, i will post it. just post here or pm me.
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    Hi, that sounds awesome!
    Would it be possible to post this???
    Thank you thank you _happy dance _ thank you!
    I've set up 3 trains.Still loading. If you are interested,links are on my userpage.
    No, this isn't your coffee, I had a two for one coupon!

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