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Thread: Volunteering

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    I volunteer a lot, probably put in over 3,000 hours in the past 10 years. I have applied to about ten places in the last month and not one place even bothered to reply to me or contact me. I only apply to places that are actively seeking volunteers. If you aren't looking anymore or don't "care" then at least have the curteousy to contact me back and say the position has been filled or whatever. JUst because I am free help doesn't mean I can be treated like crap.
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    Ugh that really sucks. Your willing to give your time as a gift to them and they won't even bother to let you know (one of the most basic simple quickest things to do!) Let you know that the spot is no longer needed! They should at least thank you for volunteering!
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    I hear ya! It's oneo f the reasons I stopped volunteering. One place actually told me not to bother. In those words
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    I've had similar issues trying to volunteer. I'm in a pretty small town and couldn't find a job....can't afford my own car without a job (vicious circle) so I thought I'd try to volunteer to boost my resume a bit. I called and emailed various places and only ever heard back from one place.....a food bank....which said I could come in but it wouldn't be anything regular as they generally have enough people.

    Anyway....I went in about 5 times.....and absolutely loved it. I had to cancel my last visit due to getting in to see a specialist I'd been waiting for....BUT I gave two weeks notice that I couldn't make it and let them know my schedule after that was entirely open and please feel free to schedule me in again. Over the course of the next few months I called back 2 or 3 times leaving a message and no one ever bothered to get back to me. I was both annoyed and super disappointed They could have at least told me they had enough people or whatever.

    I'll try to volunteer at other places, because I did really enjoy it...BUT I can also see why organizations are having a hard time finding volunteers these days.....if this is how they're choosing to handle people who show a genuine interest.
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    I am sorry this happened to you....they are being very disrespectable by doing this.....just continue looking and you will find the right agency to volunteer for.....good luck

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    wow - I wish you were closer to me - I have a heck of a time getting people to help out!!

    Getting parents to volunteer 4 hours of their time 2x a year for our pipe bands major fundraisers is like pulling teeth! You would think I was trying to get them to clean the sewers or something and no time is ever good for them because 'they work', well so do I and I find time to also be a Girl Guide Leader, District Commissioner, Membership Advisor, Camp Caretaker, Pipe Band Manager, Treasurer and organizer of fundraisers - and you can't give me 8 hours out of 8736 in your year?

    Thank you for wanting to help others!

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