This is my trading thread. I am looking for a few things but nothing too specific.

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"These are the things I am looking for"

*The higher Value the better!
Pedigree (Dog food and treats)
Bread- Any brand
Tacos- (Any store brand such as Ol del paso)
Anything else I might like "send me a pm or post"
New stamps
Any giftcards (Including e-giftcards such as Amazon)

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"These are things I have to offer up for trade"

4x $4.00 OFF WUB2 Breathe Rightproducts (May/31/2012)
1x SAVE $0.75 Earthsown Almond(June/25/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Alpen Cereal 600g+(June/29/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Gay Lea Gold Premium SourCream (July/22/2012)
Various KFC Meal Coupons (Contact fordetails)
2x SAVE $10 when you spend $30 on anyAbreva, Breathe Right, Tums, Gaviscon, Spectro (May/31/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Weetabix Cereal 400g+(June/25/2012)
2x SAVE $2.00 on any Stopain product(June/30/2012)
4x SAVE $6.00 WUB2 Gaviscon products(May/31/2012)
1x SAVE $10.00 Good Start w/ Omega 3&6Concentrated Liquid (June/25/2012)
1x SAVE $8.00 Good Start ConcentratedLiquid (June/25/2012)
1x SAVE $4.00 Schick Hydro 5 Razor(Dec/31/2012)
1x SAVE $3.00 Schick Hydro 5 RazorRefill (Dec/31/2012)
1x SAVE $10.00 on any Robax product(May/31/2013)
1x SAVE $1.00 (1) bag Purina One SmartBlend Cat Food (Dec/15/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Majesta bathroom tissue*Any size pack (July/22/2012)
1x SAVE $5.00 Enfamil (July/22/2012)
1x SAVE $3.00 any PediaSure Complete4x235ml pack (Feb/28/2013)
1x SAVE $0.50 (1) bottle Welch's 100%Juice, Cocktails, Prune Nectar (1.36L) (Sept/30/2012)
1x SAVE $ 1.50 510g box Mini WheatsCentres Mixed Berry Cereal (July/06/2012)
1x SAVE $0.75 Rice Krispies granolabars, 161g (July/06/2012)
1x SAVE $0.50 Bisquick Shake n Pour(July/6/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Olivieri Natural Pasta(Dec/31/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Clorox New toilet cleanerw/ bleach (July/20/2012)
1x $7.00 OFF Centrum for Men or Women(May/31/2013)
1x SAVE $1.00 Maxidol Liquid Gels(Dec/31/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Kraft Singles WhiteCheddar Cheese Slices 500g (July/22/2012
1x SAVE $1.00 Any Kellogg's Special KFruit Crisps (July/06/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Any Finish DishwasherCleaner (Nov/30/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Any Nature's Best, OmegaPro, or Organic 12 Pack carton (Aug/03/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Any Nutri-GrainSuperfruit Flavour bars (July/31/2012)
1x SAVE $2.00 Any 4x 315 & 400gselection Carnation Breakfast Essentials (Dec/31/2012)
1x SAVE $0.75 Any box of All Bran Bars,180g (July/06/2012)
5x SAVE $5.00 Any AIR WICK FreshmaticStarter Kit (Sept/30/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Any Pledge Aerosol(June/06/2012)
1x WUB2 GET 1 FREE Glade Jar Candles(June/06/2012)
1x SAVE $2.00 Glade sense&sprayholder (June/06/2012)
1x SAVE $1.00 Glade ExpressionsFragrance Mist Starter Kit (June/06/2012)
1x SAVE $2.00 Glade Expressions OilDiffuser Starter Kit (June/06/2012)
1x SAVE $2.00 WUB2 Tana Products(June/06/2012)
1x SAVE $5.00 LAX-A-DAY 510g(May/14/2013)
1x SAVE $2.00 LAX-A-DAY 238g(May/14/2013)
1x SAVE $1.00 Any Atkins Advantage5-pack or Shake 4-pack (Dec/31/2012)
1x SAVE $8.00 Any HydraSense productfor babies, kids or adults.**(Dec/31/2012)