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Thread: Little_Boots VWL 2nd Train - Everyone Welcome

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    Expired on: Wed, Aug 1st, 2012
    Sarah’s VWL train

    Simple Train. Everyone Welcome. Prize for most generous rider.


    • If there’s something you’re unsure of or you are new to couponing, please msg me and I’ll help out as best I can, everyone’s invited.
    • Wishlists must contain 35-40 coupons. Limit FPC’s and call-ins to 5.
    • Provide 3 coupons per person in paper clips or baggies
    • Coupons provided must have an expiry of July 15,2012 or later
    • If you want to make a substitution for someone let me know and I’ll put you in touch. I need an okay from both parties for me to forward it on.
    • FPC’s count for 3
    • Give only specific coupon that are asked for, no subsitutions
    • If you don’t have 3 coupons to send, you can substitute 1 unused P Stamp for each coupon missed.
    • Don’t forget to rate your conductor on Smart Canucks (Little_Boots) – I will rate you back!
    • Include 3 P stamps to get your envie back to you - whatever isn't needed will be put in your package and returned to you.
    • Most generous rider gets a $5 Tims Card.

    Boarding pass:
    1 unused P stamp for the conductor as well as 1 extra coupon from my wishlist (plus the 3)

    Message me your request, wishlist and address if you’re interested!

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    I'll join-pm you later today with list

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    1. iluvcoupon -mailed - Rec'd
    2. Jakyak -Mailed - Rec'd
    3. Mrsfreeman -Mailed - Rec'd
    4. Misstarbender -Mailed -Rec'd
    5. mjconnaughan -Mailed - Rec'd
    6. SuperSam -mailed - Rec'd
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    Wish Lists:

    Count as 2
    RLF $3 Beneful dry dog food or $3 Purina any pet food
    RLF adult cereal – Cheerios, and Shreddies etc. (no fibre one or fibre plus)
    RLF Becel original
    Marc Anthony Shampoo/Conditioner
    1.00 Charmin (no save $ wub 2,3 or 4 brands)
    Milk brands – no almond, soy, lactose, organic
    John Frieda – Good on any
    Maxwell house

    Count as 1
    Kraft Cheeses (cheese whiz, singles, parmesan)
    Shake n bake
    Lysol wipes or cleaning spray
    Cream cheese
    Sour cream – Not Gay Lea Gold
    Soft soap
    Satin Care shave gel
    Clorox wipes or cleaning spray
    Old spice – good on any
    Old spice hair and body wash
    Arm and Hammer laundry soap (not WUB2)
    Advil cold and sinus
    Baking coupons – evap milk, condensed milk, fillings, sugar, etc.
    Dr. Oetker pizzas
    Dish soap any (not 1.00 dawn wub 2)
    Classico pasta sauce
    Crest 3D toothpaste
    Edge shave gel
    Elastoplast band aids
    $4 Motrin Liquid gels
    1.00 Bounty paper towel
    Cottage cheese (Nordica, Neilson) (September or later)
    Marc Angelo 1.00
    Advil liquid gels/tablets/caplets
    2.00 Jamieson (good on any)
    Oasis orange juice
    Catelli and Catelli Smart
    Cling wrap
    Tin foil
    Scrubbing bubbles shower foamer –not extend a clean starter kit or refills


    FPC food (please ask first)
    Coke BOGO 12 cans
    Summerfresh BOGO
    Milk – Farmers, Baxters, Scotsburn – call in from company
    $5 chapmans
    $4 CoverGirl – will take June 30th expiry
    Colgate/palmolive $5
    taco kit peelie (hard shell)
    bread (but please ask first.. thanks)
    $1 fresh chicken
    buy 4 campbells, get free buns
    $1, $2 off Driscoll's berries
    $1 off eggs WUB 2 dozen
    $2 off eggs WUB 2 dozen
    Christie cookies
    dole salad
    Save $2.00 WUB any 2 varieties of Christie Products (115-550g); Exp December 31, 2012;
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Oreo Cookies (300-550g); Exp December 31, 2012
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Chips Ahoy! or Chunks Ahoy! Cookies (280g-350g); Expires December 31,
    Fresh fruit (w/ or w/out WUB snack packs)
    Fresh veggies
    Bacon (not olymel and not bits)
    save $1 SUB 4 campbell soups exp Aug 2012
    Kraft Parmesan cheese $1 WUB 250g grated cheese Exp. Sept 30/12
    .75 peak freens
    $2 cottonelle
    Filipo Berio Olive Oil $2.00 (exp Dec 2013)
    Any kraft dressings
    Wet ones $1
    Chocolate bar (facebook promotions, various)
    $.75 or $1 lactania
    $2 club house marinades; exp dec. 31/12
    Shreddies $1 off coupon
    Renee’s Dressings
    Save $1 WUB one Ziploc
    $1.50 mini wheats cetnre
    $1 nutrigrain
    Eggo waffles
    Any call in (not printables)
    Save $1 WUB 3 jello
    save $.75 WUB any two christie crackers, exp Aug 2012
    black diamond or cracker barrel BLOCK cheese 2013 expiry
    $.35 WUB 2 Kraft handisnacks
    Christie cookies
    natural selections sandwich meat
    $1 McCain any variety thin crust pizza
    $1 off peak greens
    $1 off summer fresh product expiry for dec 2012 only
    Diana gravy
    philidelphia cream cheese - facebook
    $1-5 marc angelo
    clover leaf tuna regular (not flavoured)
    Cloverleaf flavoured tuna
    any fresh produce
    classico pasta sauce
    graves buy 2 get $1 off
    $1 no sugar added wether’s original hard candy
    $1 off orville redenbaucher
    BOGO peak freens
    $.75 black diamond 2013 expiry
    $2.50 off Kelloggs miniwheats
    $1 WUB 2 refridgerated jello pudding
    $.75 catelli pasta sauce – call in from company
    Gingerale – Canada Dry
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Campbell's Red Coupon $2+
    Black Diamond, $0.75 on any Black Diamond cheese
    Block Cheese $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Catelli $.75, will take June 30th expiry
    Fresh Chicken $1.50 (Ziplock Box)
    Fresh Produce $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Gold Fish Crackers $.50 (not Grahams) July 31, 2012
    Greenworks Save $2 WUB 2
    Helman's Mayo from Chicken Package June exp 2012 or any other
    Johnsonville Sausage (ground or whole) or peelie
    Keebler Waffle Bowls
    Old El Paso Kit Peelie
    $2 kelloggs red peelie
    $1 or $0.75 on any SnackPack Pudding 12 pack
    Marc Angelo
    Ziploc-Save $3 on Bread
    $3 or $2 janes chicken no$1
    $2 cottonelle TP
    $3/6 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    Eggs $2 wub 2 dozen -(tear pad)
    Old Spice (2013 expiry)
    McCain any variety thin crust pizza
    Delissico pizza

    Jakyak *****WISH LIST****

    -printables – NO

    -French – NO—
    -store specific – NO (will consider metro)
    --Websaver,,Go Coupons -yes
    -can you stack – NO

    -Canadian Tire money - YES .50 = 1 coupon
    Counts as ALL
    Wonderbread FPC
    Kelloggs free cereal pins
    FPC Oasis juice
    FPC powerade zero 710ml or powerade ion4 710ml (shoppers voice)
    -Chapmans ($5)
    Counts as 2 Coupons
    -j&j call in’s
    -$3 FinishOR Quantium finish (shoppersvoice)
    -Dempsters Bagel $1.00 off, BOGO
    1.00 on any fresh chicken product (from ziploc box)
    Counts as 1 Coupon
    Any Swan product .75c
    $1 WUB two dempsters whole grains (websaver)
    1.50 sunlight (
    -$1 Buitoni pizza
    -Fruit/produce – any!!
    -international delight (good on any- not only selects or cafe)
    -Advil 3+(good on any)
    -1.00 off olivieri pasta or sauce
    -Kraft (peanut butter RRLF)
    -smuckers sundae sauce, 1.00
    -Dempsters bagels .50c-$1
    -Cheese ANY BLOCK
    -BearPaws Cookies
    -Bread($3 Ziploc)
    -Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Dips
    -Campbells ($1/Valid on Goldfish, Bistro, Pace)
    -Cashmere ($2)
    -Catelli ($1)
    -Cheerios ($2/$1must be valid on Honey Nut
    -D'Italiano (0.75/higher -)
    -Colgate-Palmolive ($1/Up)
    -ANY Milk CPN (no lactose free)
    -Dare ($1 any product) (have enough for now)
    - Peak Freans Lifestyle (July 15th or later)
    - Old El Paso (any value)
    -General Mills (0.50/.75/$1 any)
    - Allen's apple juice
    -Oasis Smoothie
    -Glad Cling Wrap * and sandwich bags

    -Dempsters FPC (Bagel/Bread)
    -0.75 Fresh produce
    -1.50 Fresh chicken product
    -$1off fresh chicken from Ziploc box
    -Dempsters Wholegrains ($1wub2 SE/12)or higher
    Purex ($1-3) will also take new ultra packs(exp of sept-later)
    -Zipock $1-$2
    -Tide $3
    -Quaker Oats Oatmeal coupon or FPC (Instant Only)

    -Skippy Peanut Butter (.75/higher)
    Cleaning/ Tissues,TP &PT
    anything $2 and up on any brand of Tp, PT and tissues
    Personal Prducts
    underjams, pull ups nighttime ** RRLF
    Kids toothpaste or $1 off ANY Colgate product
    Dove hair care (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray)womans only
    MEDS--Gravol –
    -Triametic cough strips ($3 and up)
    - Children’s chewable Advil/ Tylenol
    Whiskas $2.00off dry cat food (all sizes)
    $1off Beneful prepared meals OR dry foor (valid on all sizes)
    $3+ for iams cat/dog food

    Mrsfreeman's WL

    FPC Lay's
    FPC Coke or Pepsi

    FPC Nordica cottage cheese
    FPC quaker choc chip oatmeal
    FPC slim fast
    FPC smarties
    FPC superbowl (any) *twistos!*yum
    $3 Chapmans
    3.00 off Bread wub Ziploc

    3.00 off ground beef wub Hamburger Helper
    3.00 off olivieri wub chicken (peelie)
    3.00 satin care(from shoppers voice)
    5.00 off ice cream
    Fpc skinny cow
    FPC dr. oekter mug cake
    Bogo olivieri
    3.00 Pogo
    2.00 wub 2 dozen eggs
    2.00 off maple leaf chicken
    7 stamp mcgavin bread shop(5.00 0ff) rrlf
    Bogo waterpark/galaxyland passes, Edmonton entertainment book rrlf!!(or any other source)
    Lets play bogo passes, Edmonton entertainment book (or any other source)

    Counts as 2
    1.00 Marc angelo facebook promo or other
    1.50 gingerale rrlf
    1.50 harvest medleys (
    2.00 toilet paper,any brand
    2.50 olymel chicken chunkies(go coupons)
    2.00 olymel chicken all upcs welcome!!!
    2.00 delissio rising crust pizza (from the iced tea labels)
    3.00 off 2 black diamond cheese blocks (shoppers voice)
    1.00 international delight
    1.00 kelloggs peelie, early exp. okay!
    Bogo mug cake
    Bogo buitoni
    1.00 off bagels
    1.00 off olivieri pasta or sauce
    1.00 wub dempsters hot dog buns or Schneider top dogs etc rrlf (websavers)
    1.00 wub 2 maple leaf products.
    jello refrig. 1.00 off
    con agra mail out
    .75 participating general mills products ( rrlf!!!!!!!!
    old dutch
    Oasis juice boxes rrlf
    Any ziplock coupons (fresh produce, cheese, or chicken)
    Any ziplock wave 2 coupons (fresh chicken, club house rub)

    Counts as 1
    aluminum foil
    aunt jemima
    betty crocker, any
    betty crocker fruit snack
    black diamond, any
    Campbells Soup, not low fat
    Carnation instant breakfast 2.00 or more
    Catelli, any but whole wheat
    Cavendish fries, any but sweet potato
    Cereals, kid friendly (not gluetin free rice krispies)
    cheese whiz
    crystal light
    dr. oekter restarante’ pizza
    dr. oekter mousse, save 1.00 wub 2 (not 50 cal)
    dr. oekter mousse, save .50 on one (not 50 cal)
    Eggs, save 1.00 wub 2 dozen eggs. from any source!
    Garbage bags, any brand!!
    g.u.m. .75
    Green Giant Vegetables (cans or frozen)
    Hamburger Helper
    Heinz Ketchup
    ice cream rrlf
    jello snacks (printed in color okay, 1 printed coup per rider please!)
    lunchables, any
    mccains pizza
    Minute rice .50, 2013 expiry rrlf
    Minute maid OJ
    old el paso
    Old el paso (any)
    pancake syrup
    pasta sauce
    Peak freens, 1.00 off
    Pringles-not snack sized
    quaker products, any
    saran wrap
    Shake n bake .50
    smartfood popcorn
    smuckers sundae sauce, 1.00
    Snack Puddings
    Special K original
    Sugar-not splenda
    U by Kotex liners, tween okay
    Wheat stixs
    Yop, if good on individuals, any amount!!

    misstarbender's wishlist:
    TFT:NO Store Specific: NO French: NO! Printables: YES ( but please ask me first!) Inserts: please ask first Stack:YES (ONLY if it DOESNT say cannot be used with blah blah blah or use of more then 1 coupon prohibited)
    Store specific: only safeway or save on foods.
    worth all
    $5 WUB 4 Garnier
    FPC triscuit
    FPC oasis smoothies
    FPC Oasis (any)
    FPC any grocery really
    $5 royale from company
    $5 or $10 similac cheques
    $5 pediasure cheques
    $5 Chapman's (RRRLF this is the only icecream my 5 y/o can eat)
    Huggies little movers $5+ stacks MUST BE GOOD ON ANY OR LITTLE MOVERS (no slip ons or pullups please (if your sending more then a $5 stack, ($6+) let me know and I will put extra wishlist coupons in your envie)
    shiny huggies peelies RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLF
    worth 2
    $3 Royale (must be good on any)
    FPC natrel Baboo
    pediasure (I have enough gocoupons for now. is good Feb. 2013)
    $3 pediasure cheques
    $3 similac cheques
    $3 yellow huggies peelie
    J&J call in (any)
    $5 glucerna coupon
    $5 glucerna cheque
    $2+ any frozen pizzas
    $4 Van Houtte (multiples are good!!)
    $2.50 cinnamon corn pops
    FPC coke WUB old el paso
    $3 beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    ANY chicken WUB old el paso
    FPC veggies WUB Hamburger Helper
    red Kellogs peelie
    apples WUB kellogs cereal
    $2.50 olymel chicken products
    BOGO dempsters bread
    $2 royale
    burts bees good on baby (is this a unicorn?)
    worth 1
    baby food jars/cereal
    $2 yellow huggies peelie
    $2+ huggies coupons
    $2 olymel tearpad
    olymel peelie
    any coke or pepsi
    $1 Nestle baby cereal
    $1.50 gingerale
    $1+ bread (must be good on whole wheat)
    International Cream (not the cafe creations ew!)
    $2 Kashi Crackers
    Pizza pops
    Kraft peanut butter
    $1+ Fresh produce (not WUB V8 * have enough of those)
    Philly cream cheese (RRRRLF)
    cheese (slices or block and babybel and cheese whiz no amooza no all you need is cheese magazine)
    pasta sauce (not organic)
    gold fish crackers or grahams
    butter *becel only not gay lea spreadables not buttery taste!
    chef boyardee (NOT TFT)
    Kraft Dinner(RRRRRLF)(multiples is good NOT smart)
    Sunrype juices
    .50 cadbury chocolate bars
    Dr. Oetker mug cake (dec 2013exp only)
    milk (not organic not lactose free and NOT natrel and NOT lactancia)
    old dutch salsa
    mrs. vicki's coupons(any)
    snack pack coupons (not the .30 one)
    helluva dips
    mccain fries (not sweet potato)
    $2 purex laundry soap (good on one)
    Dawn dishsoap NOT WUB
    Alymer tomatos not accents
    $1.00 cling wrap
    tin foil
    $1.50 satin care
    .30 WUB 2 mac and cheese cups

    Mjconnaughan's WL

    French No
    Store specific No
    Printable No
    TFT No
    Multiples no more then 2
    Stacking No
    Websaver/gocoupons/ Yes

    3 Points
    FPC Mug Cakes
    $5 Chapmans
    FPC Juice
    BOGO Coke product 12 pack
    FPC any Cereal hot or cold
    FPC anything from Superbowl Promo
    FPC Eggo waffles

    2 Points
    B4G1 minute maid juice
    minute maid juice $1 wub 2
    $$ off fresh meat
    $3 beef wub HH
    $1.50 off Canada Dry
    $2 off Dr Pepper
    J&J call-ins- Tylenol, Band-aid, Stayfree/Carefree
    Good nights Dec exp or later
    $$ off ice cream or frozen treats on one or wub
    $.75+ Block cheese Black Diamond ONLY
    $3.00 WUB2 Haagen Dazs
    BOGO arctic Gardens
    $4.00 Snack size bars from Bear Paws box
    $$ off coke products
    1.00 off any Nestea or Goodhost
    .75 General mills (
    2.00 delissio rising crust pizza
    Save $2.00 WUB any 2 varieties of Christie Products
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Oreo Cookies (300-550g)
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Chips Ahoy! or Chunks Ahoy! Cookies (280g-350g)
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Mr. Christie's Snak Paks (138g-180g)

    1 Point
    BOGO Beneful(
    Bassili’s Best
    Old dutch chips
    Dr Oetker Panebello Pizza(
    Chef boyardee
    crystal light
    Snack Pack puddings
    Friskies or Whiskas DRY Cat Food Aug or later exp please
    $1.00 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Sept 30 2012
    Cheez whiz
    frozen fruit
    canned fruit
    Olymel $2.50
    smuckers jam
    $1 Beneful WET
    Lactantia Butter ex Dec or later
    Snack Pack puddings
    Quaker oatmeal
    Mug cakes
    bbq sauce
    Cinnamon Pops
    Cheez whiz
    any oasis Juice except nutrisource
    Europes Best
    Arctic Gardens
    Shake and Bake
    Trop 50
    mini wheats
    2.00 off any OFF!
    $1 Oasis Juice Boxes (8x200mL or 5x200mL) March 31, 2013
    Skippy products good on any not just natural
    Eggo waffles
    Pizza Pops
    $2 Olymel frozen chicken
    smuckers Dessert topping ex apr 30/13
    any kelloggs cereal
    any post cereal
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    friskies wet cat food
    hamburger helper
    dole fruit
    Pop Tarts
    $1 nesquick wub milk
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Ritz Munchables Crackers (200g)
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Premium Plus Crackers (450g)
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Wheat Thins Crackers
    Save .75 on any 1 variety of Thinsations Cookies

    SuperSam's WL
    French: N
    TFT: N Y
    Stacking: N
    Store specific: N

    Multiples:please no more than 2
    CountsAs All
    FPC Liberte Greek Yogurt
    FPC Quaker Bars or Oatmeal
    B1G1 Artic Gardens
    FPC starbucks drinks
    FPC Oasis
    FPC Yoplait (cereal box)
    FPC eggos(cereal box)
    FPC bananas (cereal box) *RRLF*
    FPC cat litter
    FPC cereal
    FPC Juice
    FPC Chips
    Quaker call in
    Colgate call in
    Aveeno call in
    Pita Break call in
    $3-$5Children’s advil
    $5 Chapman’s
    Fresh Chicken (from ziploc)
    $5 Claritin
    Tassimo (good for cappicino or lattes)
    $10 Aerius (30+ tabs)

    CountsAs Two
    $2 All Bran Bars
    $1 AstroYogurt (good on original or biobest)
    $4 WUB 3 Bear Paws
    Catelli Pasta (any) *RRLF* websaver/tearpad
    Any Children’s Advil
    Christie’s Cookies (Chips Ahoy, Oreo, etc)
    $1 Dare
    $1 Driscoll’s berries
    $0.75 Fresh produce (from Ziploc)
    $2 Fresh Fruit WUB 2 Hunts 4pk
    $2 Cottenelle
    $1 Kleenex (good on any)
    Mann’s Veggies
    $2 Royale
    $2 Stay Free

    Countsas One
    Alcan Foil
    Alsafa Halal
    Always (not infinity)
    Armstrong Block Cheese
    Arm and Hammer cat litter
    Aunt Jemima Syrup
    Any canned beans (not baked beans, just regular beans)
    Billy Bee Honey
    Bear Paws (not crackers) *RRLF cookies or fruit and cereal
    Black Diamond block cheese
    Boiron Homeopathic Medicines (good for Stodal cough syrup)
    Carnation Evaporated Milk
    Cashmere Toilet Paper
    Cascades Toilet Paper (enviro products ok)
    Cinnabon bread
    $1Charmin Toilet Paper
    Cheerios (any variety except plain/chocolate)
    Cheemo Perogies
    Classico pasta sauce
    Cloverleaf skinless boneless SALMON
    Cottenelle TP
    Cracker Barrel block cheese
    $1 Danino
    Diana Sauce/Marinades (not gravy)
    $0.50-$1 Dempsters Smooth Grains
    Dempsters Bagels
    Dempsters bread or tortillas
    Dempsters hotdog buns or hamburger buns
    Dempsters thinful buns
    Duncan Hines cake mix
    ED smith Jam*oneper rider
    Eggos/EggoPancakes (not WUB)
    Eggs (in shell/notomega/not WUB pam)
    $0.75 General Mills
    Green Giant veg (not WUB)
    Glad Cling Wrap
    Goldfish (grahams are ok)
    Goldseal Tuna (regular/unflavoured/not no drain)
    Hellmans Mayo
    I can’t believe it’s not butter
    $1+ Jergens (good on any)
    Jello powdered pudding
    $2 WUB 4 Kraft Products
    Kraft Cracker Barrel Block Cheese
    Kraft salad dressing
    Kraft Dinner (smart is okay)
    Kraft Handi-snaks
    Kashi cereals (expiring after Sept 2012)
    $1 Lactancia Milk 4L (good on pur filter)
    $1 Magnum Mini Ice Cream bars
    Motrin(good on any) *one per rider
    MinuteRice (not cups)
    $0.75 or$1 minigo
    MaxxScoop Cat Litter
    Method (good on any product)
    Oasis Juice (refrigerated cartons or jugs)
    Oasis Juice shelf carton (960 ml)
    Oikos Greek Yogurt
    Ole El paso taco kits *one per rider
    $1 Organic Earth Farms
    Oreo Cookies
    Philly Cream Cheese (not cooking cream)
    Pillsbury cookies
    Post Cereals
    Peek Freans
    $1+ Puffs
    Quaker oatmeal (not instant)
    Ritz/Triscuit/WheatThins (not sticks)
    $0.75 Ritz Munchables
    Snack Pack Pudding
    $3 SkinnyCow
    Seventh Generation (good on any product)
    Special K Fruit Crisps
    Sun Rype
    $1 Tampax pearl (2013 expiry)
    TetleyTea (good for orange pekoe)
    Thinsations (
    Tuna (not flavoured or snack pack)
    $2 Vaseline
    $1 Vileda
    Yoplait Yogurt Tubes
    CT money($0.50=1 coupon)

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    I will join. I will pm list later today

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    Thanks, seat confirmed

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    ok iluvcoupon, your list was updated

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    updated iluvcoupon!

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    more riders please !!!! lol .....

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    OK, well it looks like just the three of us but that's ok with me!

    Could your packages be sent by Tues the 29th please? As soon as I get both packages I will mail out your new envies the next day. The prize is still up for most generous.

    pls mail to:
    S Geneau
    57 Kensington Pl
    Chatham, On
    N7M 2X7

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    please post when your packages have been mailed

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    If its alright with you ... why don't we wait a bit more for some additional riders I am in no rush ...LOL

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    ok great, thanks for being so flexible ladies! We will postpone until we have a few more!

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