I will trade generously from my Trade List for any of the items below:

Activia-$1 off 650g Tub (not plain) / Advil/Motrin samples (Unexpired ones, please) / Aeroplan PINS / Arctic Gardens Rice / Biore Cleanser samples or other Facial Cleanser samples (must be paraben-free) / Body or Facial Cream & Lotion samples (must be paraben-free) / Campbell's Canned Broth (Not the Ready to Use) / Catelli-$0.75 (not Healthy Harvest) / Cdn Tire $ / Chapman's-$3 or $5 / Country Naturals Bacon / Blue Diamond Almonds (not printable) / Crest Glide Dental Floss sample / Crystal Light (samples OR coupons) / Diet Coke & most Diet pop / Dole or Fresh Express salad / Europe's Best Fruit Essentials-$2 (Red Plum) / FPCs (Eggos, Juice, Yogurt or ask) / Glad Wrap (must be good on 25m) / GUM Dental Floss-enough for now / iCoke pins / Jello-O Powder / Johnsonville Sausages (must be good on ground or Italian) / Kellogg's Cereal - regular Rice Krispies & Special K Red Berry / Kiss My Face cleanser & hair gel (if coupons for these exist) / McDonald's Halloween/Valentine Booklet Coupons (No Expiry Date) / Mucho Burrito-B1G1 (from Edmonton Student Union's Ticket Pack) / Nature Valley Granola Bars-$0.75 (NOT Crunchy & for 5-pk only) / Nestea Singles / Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food (NOT Grain Free) (if coupons for these exist) / Oasis Nutrisource 1.89L-$2 / Oatmeal Crisp cereal / Old Dutch Chips / Peek Freans / Post Honey Bunches & Oats T-Shirt PIN / Quaker Chewy or Fibre & Omega Granola Bars / Reactine samples / Red Robin-$5 WUB 2 burgers (from Edmonton Entertainment Book) / ReNU Fresh Contact Lens Solution (esp $5 off) / Robin Hood All-Purpose Flour / So Good-Must be good on 1.89L Vanilla / So Nice Organic Soy Beverage-must be good on 1.89L Vanilla / Speciak K Cracker Chips / Sunrype Fruit Source bars / Tampax FPC / Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk (not printable) / Vector T-Shirt PIN / OR unused permanent STAMPS, if you don't have anything from my Wish List - I can always use those, & I don't ask for many.