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    Expired on: Wed, May 23rd, 2012
    Found this one at IGA on the weekend. It's new to me at least. $2.00 wub4 Kraft products, expires July 31!
    - Bulls eye bbq sauce
    - Cheez whiz
    - christie cookies
    - cracker barrel cheese
    - cracker barrel natural cheese slices
    - crystal light
    - kool-aid jammers
    - kraft bbq sauce
    - kraft dinner 12-pack
    - kraft dressing
    - kraft real mayo
    - kraft single slices
    - MiO liquid water enhancer
    - Miracle whip dressing
    - Nabob roasted coffee

    I have a couple extras if anyone is looking.
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    I like that this one is good for at least another 10 weeks. What was the UPC #? Was there any restrictive fine print on it about what stores it could be used at?

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