I have many of these up for trade I am really looking for stackables
RRLF tide bounce live clean
here is my wishlist NO INSERTS

$2 kelloggs red peelie
$2 tide NO INSERTS
$2 Bandaid Call in (J&J)
SC Johnsons mail outs
$6 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
$3 J&J - good on Aveeno/Lubriderm, etc.
$5 maple leaf marinated boneless seasoned chicken
$5 maple leaf portions ***********
$2 & $3 Royale NO papertowel please
B1G1 Sunlight
Counts as 1 coupon Any Pampers or wipes coupons
Duracell batteries
$2 on 2 dove invisible solid
Jet dry Any
Pantene (no $1.50 peelies or inserts)
Downy Any
$1 on any 2 packs of Schneiders Lunchmates
$1 or $0.75 on any SnackPack Pudding 12 pack
B1G1 Free Arctic gardens products Dec 31/12 expiry
$1 Old dutch chip
BOGO Gillette Razors
$3 Clean & Clear (J&J)
$1+ Colgate Palmolive Call in **RRLF
Kimberly clark call-in
B1G1 Dove Chocolate Bars
$5 WUB 3 Gillette
$2 Stayfree Call in (J&J)
$2 Tylenol Call in (J&J)
Marc Angelo
Ziploc-Save $3 on Bread
$.50 CT money = 1 coupons
Conagra mail out
Quaker (good on any)
Koolaid jammers
$1 Chef Boyardee
.25 chef boyardee **RRLF
Aunt jemima pancake mix or syrup
$2 wub 2 dare
$3 or $2 janes chicken No $1

Stouffer's PIN's
Aquafina Vitiamin Water
B3G1 Sunkist Fruit Snacks
$1 sunkist snacks
$0.50 Hungryman
Lunchmate bucks
McCains Pizza
$2 cottonelle TP
BOGO amooza (no $$ off please)
$3 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
$1 off any charmin product
$1 catalli pasta (save.ca) or other

$4 ground beef WUB taco kit
icoke pins **RRLF itunes ones
Eggs $2 wub 2 dozen - (tear pad)
$1 on 4 campbells soups (1per rider) any new ones?not from metro
.50 leclerc product
.25 chef boyarde
$2.00 Eggo waffles 16 pack
$2 Olay Bodywash
$1.50 olay bodywash.
50 or .75 Oasis 960ml
Graves apple juice
2.00 Garnier Peelie on shampoo products
2.00 PAM Spray

5.00 WUB 3 Gillette (oct 2012)
2.00 Gillette Body Wash
2.50 Jergens (dec 2012)
1.00 White Swan
TIDE any (NO INSERTS) P&G site ok will take early expire
Live clean color printable ONLY and UPC 04205858
live clean BABY
$2 clean & clear UPC 04387422 only
$1 Tampax Pearl Jan 31, 2013
$1 Tampax Pearl Dec 31 2013
$5 WUB 3 Garnier
Colgate Palmolive Call-in $1
Old Spice
ANY huggies amount (no inserts or yellow peelies) **RRLF silver peelies

$1-2 Conagra
$2 stayfree (call-in)
$5 wub 2 stayfree
Schick razor or refills (NO $2 or printable)
.75 armstrong cheese
maple leaf hotdogs (websaver ok)
$1 nestle water
$1.75 kids spin brush expires in 2014 or other just no inserts please
Edge Shaving Gel (no printable)
Mr. Clean Products (no inserts please)
Fiber 1 Bars (not Family pack Size),
Special K crisps
1.50 off fresh chicken from Ziploc
Europe’s Best frozen veggies not fruit

Special K cereal
Orville Redenbacher popcorn
$0.75 fresh produce (ziploc)
OASIS Juice boxes
Pin Code Kelloggs “Love Your Cereal” Promo
$2 any Softlips Product
Toothpaste colgate (no inserts)
$1 any astro yogurt product
Crest pro health (no inserts)
Crest white stips (NO INSERTS)
Arm and hammer toothpaste (no inserts)
$2 off fresh fruit when you buy pudding
$3 nexxus
$1 mars bars

$1 MIO Water
$1 gillette venus razor
$2 any Venus Embrace Razor
$1 CoverGirl, any product Sept 302013
Any NON insert covergirl coupons
.50 any Crest June 30, 2013
Cold-fx - 79505648, 79505635 or 79505622, 79505853, 79505622
1$ Hunts Thick & rich sauce
B1G1 Hunts thick & Rich sauce