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Thread: Rosslyn Sobeys Closing

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    The Rosslyn Sobeys is closing for good on June 12, 2012. Lots of deals to be had. They still accept the sobeys card, but I'm not sure about coupons.
    The store is on 137 Ave and 97 St, just west of Safeway.

    The official reason is that they weren't making money and decided to close. The unofficial reason is that there's a new Sobeys being built across the street (north) and this way they can get rid of the union. This was the only union store in the city. All the new Sobeys are corporate run. The new Sobeys should be open around Dec 2012/Jan 2013.
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    yes the except coupons and there is some amazing deals to be had thanks for sharing this!!

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    I was in there the other day and was informed. I used to work there.. We got the Proactiv becel margarine for $1 each. On sale for $3-$2 coupon = $1! Stocked up!! We just got those coupons too!

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