Found some of these door hangers in a dumpster. Please send me a message if you need some.

$3.00 on any glad with odour guard bags. Excluding indoor bags 20 & 24 ct, outdoor 8 & 10 ct, recycling 10ct and clear 10ct. They expire sept 16/ 12

Here is my wish list.

The new Cottonelle door hanger
Any stackable sunlight laundry
vh good on any
Breakfast essentials not 845
Thinsations either tare pad or
Catelli gocoupons or any except 562
Good host iced tea
BD cheese not cheese strings
peak frean
yogurt tubes
Kashi @2.00 pita crisps or snack crackers
Folger peelies (518) or any other folger not 495, 697 or 701
Olymel peelies (156) or other codes.
Any call ins
$1.50 chicken
FPC sunlight laundry
Some fpc (I'm picky so just because it's free doesn't mean I'll use it)
special K fruit crisps from websaver (i think)
new egg coupon
Finish quantum from samples. $2.00 or $5.00 not the new insert

If you don't have any of these make an offer. I have quite a few to trade and will trade generously