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    I've been slacking off on my coupons lately and I'm ready to get back in the game! I will trade stamps (2 stamps=$10 in coupons) or GCs ($5 GC for $50 in coupons) for wish list items. Thanks so much in advance!

    Wish List
    FPC/HV Wishes

    FPC Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    FPC Smarties (from cereal box)
    FPC Breakfast Items (from cereal box)
    FPC General Mills
    J&J replacement (new one or old one!)
    FPC Cavendish (Call In)
    FPC Dove
    FPC Sunlight
    $10.00 Colgate/Palmolive
    $5.00 Saputo voucher (good on any)
    $7 SC Johnson
    $5 Chapmans
    FPC Pepsi or Coke Codes

    Regular Wishes

    Bogo or $1 Schneiders from FB RRRRRRRRRRRRLF!!!!!
    .75c Fresh Fruit (Ziploc)
    $1 Dempster's Bagels
    $1 Campbells Vouchers (sent out from company)
    $1WUB4 Campbells Soup
    $3 Nexxus RRRLF!
    $1 Clorox Wipes RRLF
    $1 Johnsonville Smoked Sausage (not 5-cheese)
    $1WUB2 Minute Maid
    $1 Marc Angelo (good on any)
    $4 Snack Size Bars (from Bear Paws Box)
    $1 Arthur's Smoothies (All Bran)
    $2 Johnson's Baby Wash ( RLF
    $1 Minigo (from Happy Meals)
    .75c General Mills (
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken(from Ziploc)
    $1 on Tostitos Salsa, Salsa Con Queso or Spinach Dip (400*645mL) OR Ruffles Dips 425g, 23312568, Dec 31,2012
    $3 Royale
    Cheez Whiz (does it exist?)
    50c off Minute Rice (Mar 31, 2013)
    $2 Kashi Crackers
    $1.50/$2/$3 Janes (or any other $ value)
    $0.75 Lactancia Cream (from carton)
    Shake n Bake (Dec. 2012 exp. only)
    $1/$5 Colgate/Palmolive RLF
    75c BD Cheese Slices (December exp. only)
    BOGO coke
    $1 kraft 100% parmesan grated cheese 250g exp sep 30
    $1 Hamburger Helper
    $1 Philadelphia regular cream cheese (not dips)
    $1.50 U by Kotex (not tween please)
    Chef Boyardee
    Becel (valid on ANY not just buttery taste)
    $1 Summerfresh Dips
    $1.50 Sunny D
    $1 Classico (good on Alfredo) RRLF
    $5 Prime Chicken (good on boneless/skinless, if there is such a thing)
    $3/$5 Chapmans
    Pins from cereal boxes (free breakfast item)
    J&J call ins (no baby)
    $$ off Ground Beef wub Hamburger Helper
    $$ off Chicken wub Old El Paso
    Granola Bars
    Juice Boxes
    Peanut Butter
    P Stamps
    $0.75 Lactancia Butter
    Any hot new coupons!
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